Welcome to Big Acrylic- The leader in Custom Acrylic Prints and Metal Photo Prints.  Photos on Acrylic and Photographs printed on Aluminium are the most advanced and the latest trend in interior decor. Turn your favourite images into stunning works of modern art. Our expert staff of craftsman uses the latest in design technology to create high-resolution custom size acrylic prints and photographs printed on Aluminium.


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Welcome to Big Acrylic- The leader in Custom Acrylic Prints and Metal Photo Prints.  Photos on Acrylic and Photographs printed on Aluminium are the most advanced and the latest trend in interior decor. Turn your favourite images into stunning works of modern art. Our expert staff of craftsman uses the latest in design technology to create high-resolution custom size acrylic prints and photographs printed on Aluminium.

2 weeks ago , NJ

Excellent communication when ordering the product. The pictures look fabulous. We are very happy with our experience.

2 weeks ago , MA

Good quality result. Pretty fast turnaround (2-3 weeks).

Unhappy C.
3 weeks ago , CA

One of the worse experience I have ever had. Mark is not a good rep.
Mark did not keep records and every time I reached out for status he keep asking for me to send the information to him again and again. Which lead to the project taking over 5 months to get my product.
I will not be using your company again.

Company Response

Sorry- Not so sure who you are- since you did not did not add your name. 

The only issue i remeber is having a customer who ordered 5 prints but only send 4 images and waited 3 months to send the last one- so there was confusion- so if this is you sorry...

Anonymous Customer
3 weeks ago , OH

Easy to order and the product looked and felt exactly like what we expected.

Maria A.
08/25/2023 , FL

In comparison with other similar businesses, they care about the quality not just being another piece they need to print. They go out of their way to tailor it to your needs. Best so far!

Church C.
08/09/2023 , TX

We had an amazing experience with Big Acrylic The customer service was outstanding, and the LED backlit pictures are gorgeous. They walked us step by step in selecting exactly what we were looking for. Our church ordered eight large pictures for the Chapel. To sit and look at these beautiful pictures just fills your heart with peace and joy. We're looking forward to working with them again. Thank you Mark (Head Honcho)
In Gratitude, Singing Oaks Church of Christ

Sherri B.
07/30/2023 , NY

Ordered a thin Backlit poster.
It took around 2 weeks.
It was easy to install and came with a remote control that has a dimmer-
Was not cheap but less then others i found
End result is it looks great

ryan W.
07/28/2023 , IL

We purchased a large 60-40 acrylic photo. It came pretty quickly but the wood box it was in was mis handled
by the tranport company- The acrylic was damaged. Mark was able to redo and ship a new one without any issues... It now is on the wall in our den . Great service and quality

Brian M.
07/27/2023 , ON

Great serice and quality
Met my expectations and we delivered promptly
Would order again

07/17/2023 , NY

I recently had the pleasure of working with Big Acrylic to bring my cherished photographs to life as stunning wall art, and I must say, the entire experience exceeded my expectations in every way possible! From the exceptional quality prints to the outstanding customer service, this company has truly impressed me.

First and foremost, the prints I received were nothing short of breathtaking. The colors were vibrant, the details were incredibly sharp, and the overall quality was exceptional. Each photograph was transformed into a work of art, capturing every nuance and emotion beautifully. The attention to detail and craftsmanship showcased the company's dedication to delivering top-notch products.

What truly set Big Acrylic apart, however, was their exceptional customer service. From the moment I reached out to inquire about their services, the team was friendly, responsive, and incredibly helpful. They patiently listened to my requirements and provided valuable insights and suggestions to ensure the best possible outcome for my wall art. Their attention to my vision and willingness to go the extra mile truly made me feel like a valued customer.

Anonymous Customer

great service... will buy again

Alina W.
05/25/2023 , NY

Big Acrylic delivers BIG on quality, attention and follow up without ever making you feel like you're a small fish to a big company... They are my go to for acrylic prints because their process of printing directly onto the acrylic adds pop and dimension to my Light Painting Photography work that otherwise turns into mud if printed on paper... I can't wait to try backlit acrylic, and always look forward to their newest offerings and creative ways they keep dreaming up to make my work dazzle and shine!

Anonymous Customer
05/18/2023 , NV

Possibly the worst money I've ever spent.. Look close and it looks Sooooooo Cheap.. And the pricetag led me to believe it wouldn't be...

Company Response

If you contact us directly we'd be happy to fix the issue. We see that you're from Nevada, however, we haven't recieved any recent transactions in this location so we're a bit suspicious. If we are wrong to have skepticism, please comfirm your info with us (over email or call) and we can try to rectify the situation. We pride ourselves on our products and services and reviews like this jeopordize our reputation. Thank you.

05/05/2023 , WI

Adam was fast to respond, and assisted with my design idea. The project took a little longer than advertised to ship, but as it was a large metal print, this was not a major issue for us (13 vs 8days). Unfortunately, the print arrived damaged secondary to what appeared gross mishandling during shipment; despite being wrapped, protected with foam inserts, and boxed in a heavy duty cardboard shell. I contacted Adam, and within an hour a new print request was sent to production at no additional cost. I supplied a few photographs of the damage, and within a week a new shipping label was created. The second print just arrived in perfect condition and looks amazing. Thank you Adam and your team, for a great product and exceptional customer service.

04/28/2023 , UT

Great product. Reliable customer service. Good price and value. Response when there is a question or issue. Great job guys. Jeff

04/28/2023 , MD

I am extremely happy with my purchases from big acrylic. The website is easy to use to order, but more importantly the delivery and the quality of the final product are outstanding. I am proud to display these pictures in my house.

04/14/2023 , TX

Ordering was fine, but it took three months to receive my order and that was probably only after I had to contact you guys for a status. I was able to place and receive an order through another company in far less time.

Company Response

Hi Patrick,

We apologize for the order delay. I see your order took 6 weeks to arrive while our typical turnover time is under 2 weeks.

To explain, production had been halted on your order as we required hanging hardware that was out of stock (standoff screws). 

Once again, we apologize for the delay and we'd be happy to offer you discount should you have any future printing needs. If you are interested, please email the rep that assisted you with your order.

04/14/2023 , IL

Website very user friendly. The finished product is one I am proud to display in my home. Received every piece I've ordered quickly and safely packed so it arrived safe. 5 stars all the way!!!

03/29/2023 , AZ

The ordering tool needs to be adjusted. Took several attempts to get it to work. Also did not make it clear if order actually was placed

03/16/2023 , CT

I have not yet received my product. Please let me know when it is coming. I am furious.

Company Response

Hi there,

We are sorry to hear about your experience. Please send us an email at [email protected] with your order number and we'll have the issue resolved right away.

We thank you for your understanding while we get to the bottom of this. 


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