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Today , WY

This is the 2nd purchase we've made from Barron Designs and we are just as happy with these brick panels as we were with our rock panels. They're absolutely BEAUTIFUL and so easy to install, and look amazingly real!

Family R.
6 days ago , PA

We recently completed an indoor fireplace project, and it looks great. Installation went fairly smoothly. The touch up paint has made the seams almost invisible.
We did have one problem. One of the panels looked OK from the front, but when trying to fit it, it was not square in one corner and would not lay flat. When we looked at back, we noticed that the corner had been repaired. Luckily, we had enough material to work around it. We were disappointed that they sent a repaired/defective panel. When receiving pack, check panel front and back very carefully especially corners.

Customer Service

2 weeks ago , MS

We had a unique situation where our second story floor joists didn't allow for our AC ducts to be hidden between the ceiling and floor. I refused to have a 'fur down' of my ceiling to hide the duct going across my living room. Thanks to Barron Designs and their 3 sided faux beams, we had the AC guys run two appropriate size ducts below the ceiling. The ducts are hidden inside the beams. The faux beams are 11x12 on our 10' ceilings and they are BEAUTIFUL! They are also right under 23' long. My husband was able to put them up seamlessly. They are incredible looking.

Production time was exactly what was expected, shipping was quick to the freight company who delivered them to my door. We are amazed at how real the beams look. The color is also exactly what I expected as well. I am extremely pleased with my faux beams.

Front P.
3 weeks ago , MD

I purchased the panels a while back, but now (finally) have the time to install them. Full disclosure...
I've never installed anything like this, but they were really easy to put up. I have "before and after" pics but there is no place to show them here. Looks amazing!

3 weeks ago , ME

Our first beam shipment had 3 boxes of which one was terribly damaged and had to be sent back. They were very prompt in arranging the replacement.

One of our beams was not quite as ordered - but they worked with us to refund some $$. They were very receptive and cared about our experience.

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