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5-star reviews

5-star reviews

9 years collecting reviews
Today , MD

Sent pictures i ok f before and after . Looks great

Richard R.
1 week ago , WA

I contacted customer service and was told I needed 12 Colorado stack panels to complete my job and the job is complete...looks great but I have 3 panels left so I spent $330.00 I didn't need to so is there anything that can be done ? Richard Ray 509-981-1545

Jeri B.
3 weeks ago , VA

I am absolutely thrilled with the beam samples that were so quickly shipped to me! I especially like that the sample purchase is applied to your final beam purchase if you decide to finalize that order. It really took the pressure off of choosing the exact texture and stain color knowing I could still stay within my budget and not just guess which stain would match my flooring the best. And, of course, who wouldn't finalize? The product is of such high quality and is the best faux beam that I have come across!
Thank you, Barron Designs!

01/14/2023 , SD

Barron Designs customer service team were able to quickly answer my questions and match an order from several years ago to replace damaged panels. The product arrived quickly and matched the previous order perfectly!

Customer Service

Gary &.
01/14/2023 , NM

Panels are beautiful & very easy to install.

01/07/2023 , CA

We ordered a faux beam for our home. The ordering process was quick and easy! Shipping seemed a little steep at the time but when the beam arrived it was professionally packed and in perfect condition.
Installation was so quick due to the precision I'm manufacturing.
We would definitely order again. Would leave six stars.

12/25/2022 , CA

Ordering the panels was easy, however my delivery was short three panels as I ordered 18, but only 15 were shipped. I emailed customer service but got no reply. I also called customer service and was told the missing panels would be ordered and I would receive an email confirmation of the order and updated shipping the following day. After receiving nothing from customer service, I called the person who I originally spoke to when I placed the order, and she was very helpful. She confirmed the order was placed for the missing panels and followed up promptly with an email confirmation.

Customer Service

12/06/2022 , SC

So easy and superior quality! No one would know its not real wood.

11/27/2022 , AR

The project was our Fireplace wall replaced outdated surround and mantel with the stone and new mantel looks wonderful.

Staff was always courteous and helpful.

Customer Service

Trisha S.
11/20/2022 , IN

We ordered a faux beam mantle. The mantle itself looks great, although a little delicate to handle (as to avoid chipping the material). I also ordered the 'installation kit' which was a joke as it's just a 2x4 board. The issue I had with this is that the board was warped and uneven-which couldn't be used to install the mantle because this board needs to be completely level in order for the mantle to look right. My mantle was also 6 feet long so the board I felt was too short for the install. We had to replace it it a higher quality (straight!) board so that the mantle could be screwed in correctly to it.
Overall I'm happy with how the mantle looks once else had it installed correctly, but wouldn't recommend buying the 'installation kit'.

Rick H.
11/18/2022 , WI

works exactly like they said it would. very pleased.

Customer Service

Larry C.
11/06/2022 , CA

Returns are not really an option, since shipping product back after a 20% restocking fee is close to a zero dollar refund.

Customer Service

Anonymous Customer
10/28/2022 , IL

I am very happy with the product however during shipping several items were broken. It took three shipments to correct the issue. I believe the problem to be with the shipper not Barron. Barron customer service handled the problem quickly and professionally. I will definitely use Barron products again.

Customer Service

Anonymous Customer
10/27/2022 , TN

I love the panels, they look like real stone.

10/26/2022 , WA

Ordered the beams for our dream home today. This has been two years in the making and the customer service was awesome!

Customer Service

Dave A.
10/19/2022 , PA

I love my Barron Designs faux brick panels. The purchasing experience was easy. Their estimate on the number of panels needed was spot on. They arrived within two weeks without damage. They look so real on our wall that you can't tell the difference between them and real brick. They add a unique look to our room. I'm so glad that I found this company. Love it.

Stony B.
10/07/2022 , NY

The panels and corners are of highest quality, touch up paints perfect. . . . Regal Chiseled / Earth.
Looks wonderful.

09/23/2022 , TN

Customer service was amazing. I called them as soon as I realized I had ordered the wrong size. They quickly changed my order and were pleasant to work with.

Customer Service

Church W.

I spoke with Heather Jones. She is the ABSOLUTE best. We got it put up today and it is BREATHTAKING!!!!

Needless to say we love it and can't wait for the congregation to see it Sunday

08/15/2022 , WY

This is the 2nd purchase we've made from Barron Designs and we are just as happy with these brick panels as we were with our rock panels. They're absolutely BEAUTIFUL and so easy to install, and look amazingly real!

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