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Royal Corinthian Helmet
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
Royal Corinthian Helmet
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Steve - 10/16/2022

Very well made. Nice display piece.

Merchant Choice

You have what I want.

Product Choice

It will join the other Roman-Greco helmet, also black & gold, that I have.


10/16/2022 - Texas

It's like the attic where all this neat stuff is. Love my helmets! They are a centerpiece in the master bedroom.

Royal Corinthian Helmet
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
Royal Corinthian Helmet
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D B - 06/17/2016

Royal Corinthian Helmet is Amazing!

This is the real deal. Had a lot of trouble from other retailers. But Armor Venue has HIGH quality products & great customer service.


06/17/2016 - NC

Looks good! We'll see in a few days. Update: I'm very satisfied with my Helmet!

Royal Corinthian Helmet
Royal Corinthian Helmet
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Punky - 03/10/2012

A centerpiece product

This is a truly beautiful piece, the detail is astonishing, and when put on display this helmet will be the prized centerpiece of your home decor and a topic of conversation for any guest that you may have in your house. If you plan on wearing this piece for any type of reanactment you might want to consider adding some helmet pads, only because this helmet has a particularly deep crown and might need some minor re adjustment depending on your head size. Other than that over all an un-comparable piece of armor and you won't find better for the price.

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