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Shopper Approved - Verified Customer April H.

I ordered an Inogen 5 on Nov 14, 2021 and was led to believe it would arrive beginning of December. My card was billed immediately and despite the fact I still do not have product, I receive no communication or updates unless I reach out. I am now going to cancel my order because this is ridiculous. It is now the end of January 2022, I've already paid my $2700 credit card bill and still have no product. The last feedback I received was these items have on backorder since September!!! Why was the product still advertised as available and ready to ship??

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Sherrill L.
4 days ago

Easy to navigate

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Terry L.
1 week ago

Can’t wait to receive it and use it.

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Robert C.
1 week ago

Would like a response on status my order # 12815 an when it will ship ??

Company Response

Thank you for your message.  It looks like you placed your order about 48 hours ago and it includes a product that was Pre-ordered.  That means the item is not in stock and we are taking orders that will be filled once inventory becomes available.  With CPAP and BiPAP machines in very short supply around the globe, we receive monthly allocations from the manufacturer and fulfill orders from that.

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Martha R.
1 week ago

I am so impressed with what I read about this unit. My Dream Station is on recall and I feel it has made my asthma worse. When I was told by my DME supplier that they had to wait until Jan 30th to say they might or might not get mine in, I decided to buy it out right. Well, the Resmed is not available. I read ip.on this unit, watched a YouTube review and it was in stock! I got a new low interest credit card and bought it. Paid for 2nd day air and it came in 2 days. Workknb at home and have not had time to look at it. I think my sleep personnel going to be impressed with this unit. Thank you!

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