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5 Shopper Approved - Review Star
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05/09/2021 , DE

I have used SkiTDS for several years for all of my ski trips. They always get us the best rates and provide all the information we need in a timely manner. All it takes is one email or call to get my trip arranged. They do everything. And, they are fast! I highly recommend SkiTDS.

Anonymous Customer

Michael Boike did an excellent job arranging the trip. He had to work OT to get our 'last minute' details worked out and did so.

Snowmass F.
04/21/2021 , NE

Flawless from start to finish. Lodging and lifts were as expected. Good pricing and advance notice that next season was going to sell out early so we have already booked for next year.

frank V.

The go-to experts for Western Ski travel...period!

John B.
04/20/2021 , NJ

Have always found SkiTDS knowledge of resorts and area services to be excellent. Have been very happy with the recommended lodging options that meet or exceed our expectations at costs within our budget. Feedback and execution of reservations has always been very timely as well as response and assistance when needed during our trips

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