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Quilt Presser Foot Open Type Use with Adapter Shank 40080949

Quilt Presser Foot Open Type Use with Adapter Shank 40080949

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Quilt Presser Foot Open Type Use with Adapter Shank 40080949
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
Quilt Presser Foot Open Type Use with Adapter Shank 40080949
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Patricia L - 12/04/2021

Product is good quality. Arrived promptly.

Patricia L

12/04/2021 - NY

My SIL recommended buying the Juki 300 Exceed from Sewing Machines Plus. I have not been disappointed! The customer service is TOP NOTCH! They called the day after I ordered to ensure they sent out correct items. The person spoke professionally and was very knowledgeable about sewing. The items arrived quickly and when I called on the weekend the phone was answered and a 'ticket' for a technician was put in (techs are available on weekdays). On Monday a Sewing Machines Plus technician called me and spent 20 minutes with me on the phone, answering all questions, guiding me through steps and problem-solving. He gave expert advice and tips! All customer service reps. have been absolutely phenomenal!!

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