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06/10/2021 , WA

I was referred to EasyWater by others in my neighborhood who have had or will be having EasyWater installed in their homes.
Loral Richardson provided information as well as forwarding links to explanations of how the system works; he answered all of my questions in a professional and helpful manner. The entire experience of obtaining information, comparisons to other water purification systems and timing of installation was positive.
The system has not yet arrived; I look forward to its installation.

Tad J.
06/08/2021 , OR

Easy and professional!

Customer Service

Leon G.
06/08/2021 , IL

Daniel certainly was a pleasure to talk to on a business level,
but more importantly, on a personal level as well.

[ I'm confident my questions were answered and the special application for the results I was seeking has been addressed.]

I appreciate the 4 month no risk guarantee,
a new custom built water conditioner is on its way!

Frank L.
06/06/2021 , TX

John Weber (Water Treatment Consultant) was very knowledgeable & courteous. He was very explanatory on every issue and/or questions I had regarding the No-Salt Conditioner. The product is easy to install as prescribed!
Thanks & God Bless!

Roland T.
06/05/2021 , ID

very professional and helpful and courteous. Each year I replace my UV light and it's a great experience to have Easy Water help.

Good Job

Customer Service

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