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Shelley C.
08/17/2022 , MN

Easy ordering, quick shipping and works great!

Bob M.
08/03/2022 , NJ

My sales experience was great, and the Model 1000 seems to work fine although only for 3 days at this point so I can't expect to see a difference in iron deposits on laundry or bath fixtures just yet. Loral tested my water free of charge and suggested a model best suited to our needs. My only disappointment was that the tank was delivered on its side with the carton opened on one end. Fortunately, there was no damage to the tank, but I did need to remove all of the media in order to reseat the center tube/filter assembly and then reinstall all the media which is difficult and time consuming. These really need to be shipped upright or ship the media separately and have the consumer install it. After some research, I found Shark Bite hoses designed to make connecting water softeners and iron filters much easier and ordered these from Home Depot. They made my installation much easier and faster. We are looking forward to less iron staining our laundry as well as bathroom fixtures.

Steven F.
08/02/2022 , OR

The hook up was straight forward and easy. I had a long wait before installing due to the wildfire destruction of my well's equipment and later discovery of the cisterns damage by the heat that formed many cracks that were not noticed until the tank was full, needing to have the system/shed removed and a new tank placed. Once installed it's sad to say the easy water device has not cleared up my hard water issues and it's been operating for months now.

Joey P.
07/26/2022 , LA

After trying a few other cartridge filtration systems, I knew I needed something better. Hard water and scale build up was destroying the fixtures in my home. Faucet sprayers were sticking, shower heads were clogging, irrigation valves were sticking and ring around the toilet was a issue. After installing the No Salt Conditioner and GX7 IronShield with Toxin Guard, those issues went away within days. More importantly is the water has been great for my skin. My skin is softer and less dry. It was a game changer for my family.

Pete F.
07/25/2022 , WA

The representative did an outstanding job explaining the machine. I purchased it on 10/27 2020.
It has worked flawless.
Very pleased.
I replaced a Water King softener that I had payed $1900.00 7 yrs before, Now no rock salt to mess with.
The Water King was a very good machine. just the rock salt was a pain.

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