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Basic Flight Training
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Chris G - 03/26/2016

Learned a lot

Colin is an excellent instructor and a master of this topic... I learned a lot...

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Basic Flight Training
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Kevin C - 12/05/2015

Colin is fantastic

Colin Romberger did an absolutely fantastic job instructing the mapping and modeling workshop. It was evenly paced, carefully, and thoughtfully constructed...Although the weather, especially the high winds, did not cooperate, we managed as a class to get all of the paying participants flying both days. The workbooks were nice laid out, especially with the miniature slides along the side, although many of the slides are way too small to read in the book format while trying to follow along. I realize this is challenge in keeping the book to a reasonable size, but I will invest in a good magnifying glass to check out th slides in the book. Overall, I think the customers had a great experience and Colin was Kindly applauded at the end for a job well done.

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