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Basic Flight Training
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Raj - 06/18/2021


Not worth the price at all. Very limited hands on time and rushed the curriculum to finish 1.5 hrs ahead. Also, if you are thinking to hv this training for more than one ( i had both kids) then wherever you plan, do for one and use money to buy good drone

Company Response

Hello Raj,

We're sorry you feel this way. We spoke with the instructor and the class was a shortened time, not because it was rushed, but because there were only 4 students instead of the normal class size of 8. Our instructor was happy to stay late, as always, to answer questions, review material, and do additional flights. Unfortunately, no one took him up on this opportunity.

We offered credit towards more training and free online courses for your kids. We apologize that this was not sufficient and wish your children all the best in their drone endeavors. We're glad we were able to start them off on the right foot with the best basic flight training.

DARTdrones Team


06/18/2021 - CA

No response received to follow up

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Basic Flight Training
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Anthony P - 06/12/2021

Great introduction to drones!

Great class, but the tip of the iceberg. A great introduction to drones. I would take more classes in the Jacksonville, Florida area on a continuing basis in the future! Thank you.

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Basic Flight Training
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Eunggu L - 05/30/2021

please more add up the hands on class !

Eunggu L

05/30/2021 - WA

please make a more high level program to be expert !

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Basic Flight Training
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Launce T - 05/20/2021

A good deal... DartDrones Basic Flight Training

Easy to comprehend and the instructor was extremely knowledgable. Worth the investment of dollars and time.

Launce T

05/20/2021 - WA

Easy to understand. Instructor is extremely knowledgeable. I know my ROI will outweigh the cost as I move forward in this industry.

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Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
Basic Flight Training
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Olufemi A - 05/17/2021

Great insight!

Great insight into the world of Drone technology and its manipulation.

Olufemi A

05/17/2021 - TX

Loved the way they followed up with me during the change in the first scheduled time for my class.

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