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Kenneth B.
2 days ago , GA

Claire was very helpful and understanding. She took care of my issue immediately.

Customer Service

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Good reviews and it met my needs.

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I liked what was being offered. The technology monitoring and the price.

Bernard E.
2 days ago , TX

Not bad.

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The previous got lost. Want a stable tracker

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For tracking of my car .

1 week ago


Product Choice

duplicate - reorder

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Past shopping

Harry L.
1 week ago , PR

Brickhouse has a really professional staff and
meets all the needs of its customers. Thank you so much!!!

Customer Service

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I chsse this product for the safety of my family

Company Choice

After having tried several Gps from other company I chose Brickhouse security because turned out to be the best in quality and offer in its product, their customer service its also excellent. Thank you!!!

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Ray
1 week ago , NY

This is the best investment I have made for my PI agency. Very convert, ability to view from your phone is such a huge advantage.

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recommended by others.

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Lawmate WiFi Coffee Cup Lid DVR
Lawmate WiFi Coffee Cup Lid DVR
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Ray - 1 week ago

Best Investment of PI.

This is probably one of the best investments I have made. In my line of work as a PI, this has been very useful. The ability to view from your phone what the camera is looking at is a great feature. Highly recommend this product.

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