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05/06/2022 , VA

It was great. The customer service was excellent. Just a good experience.

Customer Service

Lauren M.
03/31/2022 - Jacksonville , FL

Everyone was professional and responsive over email. I had no issues getting my questions answered. The class was excellent and definitely prepared me for the PMP exam. I would only recommend this class and company to anyone looking to pass the PMP on their first try.

Dess V.
09/28/2021 - Alexandria , VA

PMTI was vital for passing my PMP exam! My instructor, Jeff Garelik was very helpful in explaining hard concepts and provided many real-life examples. I also received extremely fast replies via email whenever I had any questions. I would recommend PMTI if you are considering taking one of PMI's certifications and want to succeed!

Maureen M.
08/09/2021 - Los Angeles, CA , CA

The course was well structured and the instructor (Dana S) did a fantastic job keeping the class engaged at all times.
I passed the PMP exam in the 1st try with an "above the target" pass. Highly recommend it.

Customer Service

Sydney R.
08/03/2021 - Anacoco , LA

The program was easy to find and to navigate.

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