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Rimless 6 Gold
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Jan - 12/02/2009

I am glad I found this site!!!

The glasses I bought are a great fit. This is the first time I have ever bought glasses online. I feel they are of the same quality I could get if I had went into a store to buy them.[...] I will definitely buy again!

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Novara Chocolate
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Marc - 12/02/2009

Good Trendy Styling

I wear these glasses occasionally when I'm going out on the town. They are a little flashy for my general use and would be suited for someone young. I'm 47 and my 17 year old son is not a fan of these glasses on me.

Lioni Black/Crystal
Lioni Black/Crystal
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Magpie - 12/02/2009

Great value and style

I bought these glasses about a year ago and they have held up through my clumsiness and many mishaps. Im very satisfied with the durabiliy and quality of the frame! I also really like the style, its trendy, yet casual.

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Napoli Black
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John - 12/02/2009

solid product

Overall, a solid pair of glasses for the money. I feel that the frame is slightly curved out at the bridge. Not a bidg deal, but I would have expected the frame to be slightly curved in toward the face at the bridge.

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Fiji Brown/Tan
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My3Girls - 12/02/2009

Great for the money

I got these in sunglasses and love them. The only con is that you have to take them to your local eye doctor to get them adjusted for a better fit. I've gotten loads of compliments and for the[$] it was well worth it

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