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Moscow Coffee
Moscow Coffee
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Fp - 09/16/2015

These are great

Good product ,delivered fast ,great value

Moscow Gold/Demi Amber
Moscow Gold/Demi Amber
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Charles - 09/16/2015

Some surprises

These were larger than I expected and the frame had some coloring I did not expect. I use them for sunglasses and I like them but many people think they look like 70's cop glasses.

Moscow Gunmetal
Moscow Gunmetal
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Fast T - 09/16/2015

39dollar Mosco Frames fit inside my helmet

I was driving my Roadster and a bee hit my forehjead at 80mph just outside Austin. The Mosco frames may have saved my eye.

Moscow Gunmetal
Moscow Gunmetal
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Paul Q - 09/16/2015

Very happy. It's been 2 years of some rough service

I am an electrician and use these daily at work

Moscow Coffee
Moscow Coffee
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Dougl1 - 09/15/2015

Great prices on nice frames and bifocal lenses!

I've purchased many pairs of glasses from $39 Glasses.com, and I have been reasonably satisfied with pricing and quality, although less so with their safety glasses, which were poorly constructed for industrial use - when I went to re-order, I discovered they no longer sold them. Bifocals require a larger frame to allow for a bigger 'sweet spot' - smaller frames caused me headaches. I keep coming back due to affordable pricing and generally good quality.

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