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Moscow Gunmetal
Moscow Gunmetal
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teckpro - 12/02/2009

Excelent Company, That Really Cares,100%

Excellent Customer Service

Moscow Gunmetal
Moscow Gunmetal
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buddhaprince - 12/02/2009


I will never use you again, your product sucks. A total waste of time and money. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I had to purchase a new pair within 2 weeks due to scratching.

Moscow Gunmetal
Moscow Gunmetal
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Keith Commercial Pilot - 12/02/2009

Easy to use web site. Excellent Quality

I wear these glasses every day. The no line bifocal point is perfect. As an instrument pilot, I need a clear view of the instruments and still be able to scan for other aircraft. I was concerned that the bifocal point would require me to adjust my instrument scan and the transition to outside the cockpit. These glasses work great. I think I will answer the question about where on the nose I wear glasses differently on my next order. I answered midway when I should have answered high on my brow. So the glasses are a ride little lower than I like.

Moscow Gunmetal
Moscow Gunmetal
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H - 12/02/2009

Large lenses, wide field of view

It took six month until one of the pairs was done to the correct prescription. Executive bifocals: special order.Process control, quality control in need of major improvement based on my order.

Moscow Gunmetal
Moscow Gunmetal
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Doc J - 12/02/2009

I've Purchased Several of These Frames

Generally good service and [...]. Excellent prices.

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