About this Company has been helping people connect with the best real estate agents in every market for nearly 20 years. We use a combination of advanced AI algorithms with a personal touch to make sure every user is provided with the absolute best Realtors and real estate agents for their exact needs. 


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5-star reviews

5-star reviews

About this Company has been helping people connect with the best real estate agents in every market for nearly 20 years. We use a combination of advanced AI algorithms with a personal touch to make sure every user is provided with the absolute best Realtors and real estate agents for their exact needs. 

Rita V.
07/07/2023 , TN

The service was great and the recommendation of the realtor was fantastic. The realtor was fair and honest he gave me a very reasonable selling price and follow the listing all the way through. The house sold within the first week.

Joan P.
9 hours ago , OR

The agents worked with both the buyer and ourselves to bring it to a successful conclusion.

Walter E.
6 days ago , SD

Nice and easy.

Lorraine P.
1 week ago , FL

Condo sold in 12 days with a cash offer.

Mary F.
1 week ago , NC

Gerald and his team did a great job! He explained every step of the sale process, gave sound advice, and was readily available. He represented both myself and my daughter in my family-to-family sale and kept each of our needs and interests separate. He was confidential, thorough and ethical.

Ronald R.
1 week ago , WI

John Grossi is a complete professional at his job. He knows how to get things done on time. Will recommend him.

Andrew R.
1 week ago , PA

My realtor was amazing!

William D.
2 weeks ago , FL

Mike Tracey rocks!

Michael E.
2 weeks ago , CA


Claudia C.
2 weeks ago , WI

Devin is absolutely wonderful to work with....Very efficient, extremely knowledgeable with all real estate dealings and transactions as well as being one of the most gracious, personable, and caring persons I have met in a long long time. I highly recommend Devin and Rebel RealEstate for all your home buying and selling needs!!! Thank You Devin. You ROCK!!!!

Customer Service

Glen S.
2 weeks ago , OH

Our agent, Scott Weaver, worked hard in our behalf. He kept us posted and managed our requested compromises. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

Jerry P.
2 weeks ago , NJ

Freda Thomas was the first realtor that contacted me and quickly I may add. I knew as soon as I met her l wanted to work with her. It was the best choice I could have made. I'm so glad I contacted Real Estate Agents .com . Judging by the quality of the service I received it was a good choice. I highly recommended using Real Estate

Dominic B.
3 weeks ago , FL

Found me a great realtor the first time and had a great experience

Melissa Y.
3 weeks ago , MD

I accidentally used this service and immediately was contacted by 3 quality agents.We went with John Young/ Jeffrey Sharpe with ReMax. They did an excellent job, hands on and less than 24 hours we had an offer on our house.The process was easier and quicker than we ever imagined.Within the month we settled and the house was sold.Needless to say we are extremely pleased.

Tom B.
10/26/2023 , AZ

Very knowledgeable and helpful.

10/21/2023 , FL

We couldn't be happier with our experience.

Rita W.
10/20/2023 , OH

I would've preferred the real estate agents to leave me a business card after the showings.

Robert H.
10/16/2023 , AZ

Lucia Salazar is the best! Smart professional, hardworking for the customer! She.helped us every step of the way!

Customer Service

M H.
10/14/2023 , TN

Learning experience, better communication Title company never sent closing documents to review before closing.

Nsncy M.
10/10/2023 , WI

My first time selling real estate. I had a house in the country with 5 acres of land. An agent contacted me and I hired him. My first complaint is that he sent documents for signature. I was unable to work the software so was only able to sign. No copies to me, no explanation. All documents were handled the same way. There was no one-on-one discussion or explanations. sold but every other day there were addendum. There was a appraiser, a inspector, realtors and a parade of people coaching the buyer, but no one to coach the seller (me). I felt alone and didn't know what was going on. My realtor was no support. For a first time seller, that made me feel alone and angry.

Daniel E.
09/26/2023 , CA

I live in Belfair, Wa. I inherited my father's house in Yreka, Ca. when he passed in June, 2021. I phoned Ms. Alexandera Cameron, realtor DRE#02126809 in Yreka, Calif and started a sales listing. In Feb.2023 I changed realtors to Chris Kutzkey of John L. Scott Realty of Siskiyou County. She informed me that the house was filthy with trash piled in the middle of the living room. Apparently, Ms. Cameron stopped showing the house quite a while before. Not a word to me about that. A cleanup crew charged me $600.00 to make the house showable again. I am very happy with Ms. Kutzkey's work in selling the house in Sept.2023.

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