About this Company has been helping people connect with the best real estate agents in every market for nearly 20 years. We use a combination of advanced AI algorithms with a personal touch to make sure every user is provided with the absolute best Realtors and real estate agents for their exact needs. 


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5-star reviews

5-star reviews

About this Company has been helping people connect with the best real estate agents in every market for nearly 20 years. We use a combination of advanced AI algorithms with a personal touch to make sure every user is provided with the absolute best Realtors and real estate agents for their exact needs. 

Lynette P.
03/31/2023 , OH

Tim McMahon was fantastic. Personable, very frank how he would handle everything. Followed through on everything kept us informed on showings and follow up. Would recommend to everyone.

Armin Q.
03/25/2023 , IL

A bit slow to respond by the realtor. Needs to LISTEN better to the customer.

Billy V.
03/10/2023 , MO

Picked Michael Hern to be my realtor. Very professional. Did everything he said he would do. Sold the property in less than 30 days.

Robert L.
02/27/2023 , FL

I had decided to sell my home and wasn't sure who to contact. So I was browsing the internet and ran across Real Estate Agents . Com, I followed the prompts and was presented with like 5 choices of agents in my area. I read the bios and settled on Justine Zodda from The Horizon Palm Realty Group. It was a homerun choice, she was so nice, personable and knowledgeable. She put my mind at ease for I had lost my wife of over 40 years about 15 months prior and was about to go through this big event by myself. She kept in constant contact about what was going on and what was about to go on. As we went forward she gave me a list of things I needed to do to prepare my house to sell. Long story short we put the house on the market and it sold in one day for a little more than I was asking. I closed six weeks later and couldn't have been happier with the whole process.

Irma J.
02/19/2023 , NV

Tommy Uribe is an outstanding Realtor and person. Very professional, without the need for customer follow up, he completely took care of us. It was a pleasure working with Tommy Uribe, I would highly recommend
his services.

Ann W.
02/18/2023 , WI

We set up with 3 agents
The first one from Century 21 was the right one she was on the ball with everything.
The other 2 showed up looked everything over and said we would hear back from them by the end of that week and we never heard back from either of them.

Sue R.
02/17/2023 , MS

We feel Blessed to have gotten Jenny Holiday as our realtor. We live in another State and she provided excellent service and kept us up to date through out the entire process.

Jack A.
11/07/2022 , WI

We loved having the opportunity to list and sell our home with Jody Marr. From the start we knew it would be a unique situation to sell 15 acres in the woods with a one-of-a-kind home that was owner built and modified over the span of 40 years.
Jody's positive energy, honesty, patience and persistence during the process was refreshing. Her attention to detail and willingness to advocate for our needs and preferences set her apart as someone we would not hesitate to recommend to any friend or family. It was a pleasure to have Jody on our team during a humongous undertaking. We are grateful that we chose Jody as our realtor.

Jon B.
11/04/2022 , WI

Very professional, we had a great experience.

Stanley K.
11/04/2022 , IN

The agent you recommended was fantastic. He stayed in touch throughout the process. He kept us informed every step of the way. The sale was quick and couldn't have gone smoother. Would definitely recommend to anyone else and will definitely use I'm the future if needed.

Marcia W.
10/20/2022 , TN

Exceptional. !!!!!!!

Susan S.
10/17/2022 , CA

Bill and Cathie did a great job guiding me thru the process. They helped me get a very good price for my condo, even in this market. They helped me facilitate some repairs and painting which could be paid thru closing. I had no complaints and everything was handled very quickly. Start to finish in 60 days.

Joe L.
10/07/2022 , IL

Great realtors. My home sold in five days!

Curtis M.
10/06/2022 , AZ

Frank May of Remax Fine Realty was fully committed along with his team for the entire process. My home was completely prepared by the time it was officially on the market. My home sold for the price I wanted in 10 days!

Chris G.
10/01/2022 , TX

Destry Gideon was our realtor for our first time real estate transaction. She is smart and efficient, knowlegeable and clear. She handled everything needed to complete a remote sale as we live in another state. All of this while talking us gently through the process. I highly recommend the agents on this site.

Betty M.
09/16/2022 , MD

Tom Atwood was very clear to guide me through the process of selling my place and help me in that process.

Bonnie W.
08/16/2022 , IN

My selected agent was very thorough, professional, and attentive to my needs. He was absolutely the BEST!

Peter A.
08/13/2022 , ME

Was contacted same day. Steve M followed up and house was on market 6 days and sold

Ronald G.
07/30/2022 , WA

All but one of the Realtors recommended would not even come see our property because it was considered a "Mobil Home" which it was not. The realtor we used traveled 2.5 hours one way to see the house and said WOW!!!!!. My "Mobile Home"???? sold in two days for 650K. Not 65K--650K full price offer in TWO (2) days. Van Allman Realty out of Tacoma, WA. Cory & Grace are the BEST realtors in the business. All of the other recommendations provided are not worth considering due to their snobby-holier than thou attitude.

Customer Service

Sid R.
07/29/2022 , CA

Geanne Pack knows the market in Roseville and was able to recommend service people to us for repairs. The whole sales process was a successful and pleasant experience. Thank you.

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