About this Company has been helping people connect with the best real estate agents in every market for nearly 20 years. We use a combination of advanced AI algorithms with a personal touch to make sure every user is provided with the absolute best Realtors and real estate agents for their exact needs. 


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5-star reviews

5-star reviews

About this Company has been helping people connect with the best real estate agents in every market for nearly 20 years. We use a combination of advanced AI algorithms with a personal touch to make sure every user is provided with the absolute best Realtors and real estate agents for their exact needs. 

Dwight T.
03/19/2022 , TX

It was a fantastic experience. Our agent was outstanding. She worked with me and my wife and got us a house that was exactly what we were looking for. I have no complaints.

Michael T.
03/19/2022 , CA

Barbara has done a good job despite the low inventory of houses. Each time we meet she gets a better idea of our needs. Now if we could just find the right house.

Adam W.
03/18/2022 , SC

I was contacted immediately by several realtors and in short order I decided who I wanted to work with in Abbey Turner. Not only did you all help me find the best realtor ever, she and her husband are friends of mine now and will be forever!

Trish L.
03/18/2022 , MI

Sherry was a Great agent! We found our house fast and everything went smoothly and quickly, actually a lot better than when I sold my house, I was expecting much more headache and really had none at all, We were kept informed and there were even a couple of perks in the end, if every agent RealEstateAgents recommends is as good as Sherry I highly recommend them!

Cindy M.
03/18/2022 , GA

You made choosing a realtor in a location we were unfamiliar with so easy!! We had great success!!

Landon G.
03/18/2022 , TX Put me in touch with my realtor Raylene. She worked like crazy to help me find the right home. Everything worked out in the end and in this crazy market I was able to get a house that I am in love with. The only part of my experience that I wish would have been different would be just prior to my move-in to the property. I was given a code to the garage door and told the keys were on the counter. Nobody was here to meet me or congratulate me. I had reached out a week prior to get that information and to get information about connecting utilities and she never responded. Up until the contract was signed she was amazing. I was coming from California and only spoke with her on the phone and through FaceTime I was hoping I would've gotten a chance to meet her in person.

Darren G.
03/18/2022 , AZ

Sanjog was outstanding in all aspects in helping buy my townhouse. I absolutely luv my home. He was very quick to respond to my questions. He was knowledgeable and very informative and professional. I feel I was so lucky to have him as my agent. Thank you so much Sanjog for all your time and hard work. And helping me get my beautiful townhouse with garage so quickly.

Eugene S.
03/17/2022 , NC

Disappointed in realtor who was a buyers agent. Definitely was not a buyer's agent.


Diana N.
03/17/2022 , FL

Clarice Boyette is a wonderful agent. She went above and beyond, including providing referrals for services to prep our land for building.

Joline B.
03/11/2022 , ME

My agent was very helpful in all ways

Michael G.
03/10/2022 , TN

My agents have both been very attentive to my desires in a home and worked hard to give me as many opportunities to view different locations and styles of houses.

Peter C.
03/10/2022 , WI

I knew nothing about home purchases
Sue Arnold took me through the process before
During each phase ( escrow home inspection)
Scheduled everything
All electronic forms
Real value for my money

[email protected]
03/10/2022 , AL

Sue Walker was great in getting more than listed price. Great person too on information.

Joseph S.
10/19/2021 , KY

I asked for information on about 4 different houses at different times and no one has ever texted me or called to give me any information about the houses. I received an email when I ask for information on the house's saying that someone would be getting in touch with me soon and that was a week or 2 ago. I mentioned selling my house and it took them about 3 days to contact me. He called and texted me I called him back. I was on the phone with my realtor when he texted me. He was very nice.

10/10/2021 , FL

I did not like being bombarded with calls and messages.

Also I have requested 4 times to removed from your email list to no avail.

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Unverified Reviews from Open Review Platforms, tend to have much lower review counts and more negative Star ratings, because people with bad experiences are primarily those who leave reviews. This often creates a misleading, inaccurate portrayal of a companies true reputation.

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