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5-star reviews

5-star reviews

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07/30/2020 , CT

The best flowers in Fairfield!

Anonymous Customer

The staff was extremely helpful excellent service as well!!!

Dorothy K.
07/28/2020 , SC

I would love to Thank Sandra very much for the great job she did for my family. We appreciate all that you've done for us. Thank you so much God Bless you All

Customer Service

Julie Z.
07/27/2020 , VT

Disappointed. When I placed the order, I specifically asked for roses in the arrangement. I asked for a specific rose, which maybe you could not fulfill on short notice. But no one contacted me.

When the arrangement arrived, there were no roses at all. Daisys, a bit of stock and Mums with greens. The delivery was two blocks from your location, so I doubt the charges for delivery were heavy. I am very disappointed. Having worked in a flower shop for many years, I was specific in my order.

I have worked with Hansen's for years, and extremely disappointed. I can only assume that because I live out of town they thought I would not see the arrangements.

Merchant Response

Your Local Connecticut Flower Shops' tried to help this customer via the Shopper Approved Customer Resolution Center, but the customer did not respond to the assistance provided.

Rob G.

Excellent product and delivery

07/21/2020 , OH

Our order was placed from out of town and the customer service was spot on.

Anonymous Customer

So great!! Beautiful flowers, attention to detail and even tied a matching bow around the teddy bear.

07/16/2020 , MI

Hansen's Flower Shop was very helpful for our office in ordering flowers for one of our clients. They were very efficient in helping us out with same day delivery. I would recommend them any time.

fresh A.
07/12/2020 , FL

I moved from the area a few years ago but when I went online to order a birthday gift all the usual services offered nothing creative. I remembered Bruce's shop and was delighted to see I could order directly. The bouquet was filled with beautiful hydrangeas and my daughter in law couldn't have been happier.

07/12/2020 , CT

The flowers were delivered next day and were delivered early. Also the bouquet and vase was much prettier then the website. Super pleased and would order again

07/11/2020 , CT

Great Service, easy to order on the web- and lot's of easy add-ons in addition to flowers.

Shana K.

I bought my mother an anniversary bouquet from Bruce's Flowers, and I couldn't ask for a better experience. The woman on the phone was helpful, good-humoured and friendly, the flowers were exactly as described (and pictured on the website), and my mother was delighted. Everything went without a hitch - very prompt service and wouldn't hesitate to work with them again. Thank you!

07/04/2020 , CA

Great service on the phone and I heard the flowers are fresh and gorgeous.

Would have liked if the names were verified because one name got taken down incorrectly. Overall, everything went smoothly. They love the flowers and my friend actually likes his new name!

Joan B.
07/01/2020 , CT

Wonderful. The bouquet is gorgeous! Thank you!

06/30/2020 , CT

Not what I expected, too much time and money for nothing.

Merchant Response

Your Local Connecticut Flower Shops' tried to help this customer via the Shopper Approved Customer Resolution Center, but the customer did not respond to the assistance provided.

06/29/2020 , NSW

Easy online ordering with a nice selection to choose from.
Based in Australia we needed a trustworthy local flower shop to fulfil our order.
Beautiful arrangement of Fresh flowers were delivered on time to our friends in Westport.
Will use again for sure.

06/27/2020 , CT

Prompt and professional service.

Karen S.
06/23/2020 , IL

Love the flowers from Hansen's! I always know that what I order will be beautiful.

Customer Service

06/23/2020 , CT

24 Red Roses delivered beautifully for our Wedding Anniversary! Thank you.

06/22/2020 , ON

I was pleased with the early delivery however there was a problem.
The delivery was for my aunt's bday. I asked her to send me a picture of the basket of plants I ordered, which I upgraded to the medium size. I was very disappointed with the actual size of the plants that were delivered. The basket was big with 6 small plants inside. Definitely not worth what I paid. Plus I ordered from Canada so with the exchange I paid $120.
I'm very disappointed. I garden and know what those 6 small plants are worth.

Merchant Response

Your Local Connecticut Flower Shops' tried to help this customer via the Shopper Approved Customer Resolution Center, but the customer did not respond to the assistance provided.

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