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5-star reviews

5-star reviews

6 years collecting reviews

It was nice to deal with a locally owned shop that was able to tweak the web-based offerings a bit. Delivery was swift

Anonymous Customer

I was disappointed to see that the premium flowers I purchased were not that impressive.

02/27/2021 , CT

I made a mistake on an order I placed online & when I called they corrected it right away
VERY nice people to work with!

Customer Service

Cathy L.
02/18/2021 , NY

This was a special day for my sister. I placed an order with Sandra & within a couple of hours the bouquet of flowers arrived at my sister's home.
Sandra was extremely accommodating. The flowers were absolutely beautiful!!

Anonymous Customer

While ordering, I was told that pandemic-related issues might require some changes to the arrangement I had selected. I certainly understand and accept that fact, but the arrangement I received looked nothing like the one I ordered, and amounted to little more than a bouquet of roses.

Just an fyi, here. I have a long history with Bruce's Flowers and am usually very pleased with the experience.

Richard C.
02/14/2021 , OR

You all are great!!! I tried using 1 800 flowers and they STUNK!! I have used you twice and both times spot on!! I'm in Oregon and my daughter is in Norwalk CT. I will certainly keep using you for her "special days".

02/13/2021 , NY

Once again Bruce's Flowers was excellent. An easy phone call order, then the delivery of a beautiful flower arrangement. Thank you!

Anonymous Customer

Service was great the person that help me was really really smart Intelligent and had a smile that could light up the room! I recommend this place excellent excellent service

David G.
02/12/2021 , CT

I inadvertently had ordered the flowers to be delivered to my wife's place of business on Monday. When I realized I had made an error, I called the store and a very helpful person helped to switch the order to Sunday (Valentine's Day) and to my home address.

The person that I spoke to (I did not get her name) was extremely helpful.

Justin T.
02/10/2021 , CT

Amazing service beginning to end. Would not go anywhere else for flowers.

M C.

Contacted to order flowers.
Wonderful service. Courteous and professional.
I will not use any other florist!!

Caring C.
01/28/2021 , CT

Our department sent an arrangement to a team mate recovering from a surgical procedure. She sent us a photo of the beautiful flowers and added that they were the most spectacular she had ever received. Thank you for helping us cheer up our colleague.

01/22/2021 , MA

I wanted to be able to send my 3 year old granddaughter something special for her birthday and Westport Florist was so helpful and so speedy in getting birthday balloons and a teddy bear out to her! I am very pleased, thank you.

Top N.
12/30/2020 , CT

We received an absolutely gorgeous centerpiece of long stem red roses for the holidays. I can't remember when i last saw roses this big and this beautiful. They all opened and is still as beautiful over a week later! I just chose Bruce's to send a sympathy bouquet because i was so impressed with the arrangement i received. I will also be going there to inquire about wedding flowers for my daughter! Quality of the flowers was top notch.

Ed L.

I love the quality of the flowers - as much as the creativity and variety of the arrangements I had sent these last two weeks. Wonderful! You are my go to florist! Nice to have someone answer, not be put on hold, listen to my ideas, let you do what you do best- and then have you surpass all my expectations. Easy, from start to delivery. Quality I can count on! My mom still talking about them. Thank you. Ed

12/23/2020 , CT

It was a beautiful basket and of very high quality.

Anonymous Customer

I selected Bruce's after receiving the most stunning arrangement last week for my birthday. I also saw a magnificent plant delivered to my building this weekend. The choice of florist was obvious for my gift giving and will continue to be. Many thanks.

12/21/2020 , CT

It was wonderful to call and discuss the order I placed with the actual florist shop personal and to hear that what I wanted was available and would be delivered when I needed it to be delivered.

12/19/2020 , CT

Katherine was very helpful with my selection. These flowers were going to someone whose mother had just passed away, but I didn't want it to be the typical funeral-type arrangement. Being so close to Christmas she explained different options, and I was able to select something very appropriate.

12/15/2020 , FL

Spoke with very helpful and knowledgeable salesperson who made the shopping experience easy.

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