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5-star reviews

5-star reviews

6 years collecting reviews
06/03/2022 , SC

You have wonderful people working there their help is good know how to talk to you. What flowers you order are very beautiful. Great place to order from.

Ed. S.
05/06/2022 , TN

I have used Bruce's Flowers three or four times over the past year and a half. The service has always been excellent, and the flower arrangements are always beautiful and long lasting. I would highly recommend them.

Ed S.

Anonymous Customer
04/18/2022 , ME

I live in Maine and needed certain flowers for a Birthday and used another florist and it turned out to be a nightmare. I was told that Hanson's and Bruce's flowers were the best so I figured why not. I spoke to Jackie, and told her exactly what I wanted and I can say I was sent photos of the bouquet and I am quite pleased. So know that from now on you will have all my business in Ct..

04/14/2022 , CT

LOVED the customer service that I received from Bruceś flowers! They clearly were very experienced, as they followed up on important details with the hospital where I wanted the flowers delivered. They were also were in regular communication with me and provided the extra personal touch that you can NOT get from a large retail chain. If I had not used Bruce´s flowers, I doubt that my friend would have received them, since her location changed at the last minute. Thank you SO much Bruce´s Flowers staff! :-)

Customer Service


Great customer service, very professional. All in all great experience.

White H.
04/03/2022 , CT

The flowers I ordered were exactly how I ordered them. The arrangement was all white in a tall vase with hydrangeas and white roses. My daughter was very happy. I wanted them to be the tall, white and beautiful because I knew she would receive other arrangements for her birthday. I am very particular as to what I wanted and they were spot on. It's nice to know I can count on this florist. My first time using them. Thank you !

Hearts W.
03/29/2022 , CT

I wanted to show my support to the folks in Ukraine and thought that Bruce and his team came up with a lovely was to show support and to also brighten someone's day. My order was placed and delivered to someone I do not know, I left that task in the caring hands of the folks at Hansen's. Thank you Bruce and team for finding a way to let folks offer support to those who's lives will never be the same. Your work, and commitment to the people and community speaks volumes.

Denise J.
02/17/2022 , MD

This is the 3rd time I have ordered Flowers from Bruce's. My Mother lives in Connecticut and I live in Maryland. Ordering flowers for her over the years has been hit and miss. When I found a local Florist to order from online I was hesistant, but Bruce's Flowers has been awesome. Every arrangement has been fresh and long lasting. Thank you for always brightening my Mothers day.

Ms A.
02/17/2022 , CT

Jackie took good care on phone

02/14/2022 , CT

As usual I waited untill the day before. Your online ordering made it easy, quick, and simple. The added card was perfect, and my request on delivery was perfect, and on time. She loves them. Every stem was perfect.

Thank you

N H.
02/10/2022 , CT

I ordered flowers from Bruce's Flower Shop. I spoke with Lana, and she was professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. She answered all my questions regarding a flower arrangement, and made it very easy and quick to order. Lana is an excellent representative of Bruce's. I've also ordered flowers from Hansen's and have experienced the same great customer service!

Carver F.
01/18/2022 , CT

Ordering was a breeze, website needs to be updated for price changes but overall a good experience!

12/30/2021 , CT

The best. The customer service girls are enthusiastic.

12/23/2021 , NY

My 101 yo great aunt in Norwalk was THRILLED with the "giant" poinsettia. Thank you so much for adding Xmas joy to her. Merry Christmas to all of you from upstate NY

Rafael S.
12/18/2021 , CT

The pictures on the website misrepresented what was actually delivered. Although my mother appreciated the flowers being delivered, which was received very late in the day on her 86th birthday, upgrading the arrangement for more money meant little to resemble what was advertised. Disappointing to say the least.

11/23/2021 , TN

Flowers were exactly as I ordered and the delivery was right on time. Excellent service. Very professional business.

Marion F.
11/23/2021 , VA

Living out of state, I chose Hansen/Bruce florist to create a cemetery box for my parents. Each year that I have used their creative talents, the box has always been beautiful and has met my standards. After being with them for many years, I would not choose another florist that I would trust to place the cemetery box on my parents' graves. Thank you for being polite and efficient and very easy to work with.

11/08/2021 , CT

Lovely service. The flowers looked so beautiful at our memorial.

Customer Service

10/13/2021 , CT

I was out of state, Excellent product, excellent delivery. better than expected. My Sweetie was thrilled to get her bouquet. 5 stars+

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Alice B.

Great experience

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