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Skyy J.
1 week ago , NJ

The birthday lady was very pleased with the floral arrangement . With that said I was grateful you Bruce flowers was able to pull of this special occasion. Thank you

Hattie F.
1 week ago , NC

It was a wonderful experience shopping with you. Customer service was outstanding I want to thank you for being my florist for many years. Thank you

Linda T.
2 weeks ago , NY

Bruce's Flowers is always polite, efficient and they go out of their way to make each order special and unique for the event or person. The quality of the flowers and arrangements is beyond expectstions, always.
Every season, no matter how busy they , one never feels rushed.

3 weeks ago , CT

I sent the 2 dozen multicolored roses to my sister and brother-in-law for their 50th wedding anniversary. The arrangement was an advertised special for $49.99 which I thought was very reasonable. My sister loved the bouquet and my niece said she would photograph the roses and send it to me. I have always had good experiences with Bruce's Flowers in Norwalk.

3 weeks ago , CT

I originally tried to have flowers delivered with one of the big corporate companies, after numerous delays I decided to cancel and give Bruce's Flowers a try. I should have just used them the first time! The flowers were delivered quickly and looked great! They've certainly earned themselves a return customer.

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