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Ed. S.
2 weeks ago , TN

I have used Bruce's Flowers three or four times over the past year and a half. The service has always been excellent, and the flower arrangements are always beautiful and long lasting. I would highly recommend them.

Ed S.

Anonymous Customer
04/18/2022 , ME

I live in Maine and needed certain flowers for a Birthday and used another florist and it turned out to be a nightmare. I was told that Hanson's and Bruce's flowers were the best so I figured why not. I spoke to Jackie, and told her exactly what I wanted and I can say I was sent photos of the bouquet and I am quite pleased. So know that from now on you will have all my business in Ct..

04/14/2022 , CT

LOVED the customer service that I received from Bruceś flowers! They clearly were very experienced, as they followed up on important details with the hospital where I wanted the flowers delivered. They were also were in regular communication with me and provided the extra personal touch that you can NOT get from a large retail chain. If I had not used Bruce´s flowers, I doubt that my friend would have received them, since her location changed at the last minute. Thank you SO much Bruce´s Flowers staff! :-)

Customer Service


Great customer service, very professional. All in all great experience.

White H.
04/03/2022 , CT

The flowers I ordered were exactly how I ordered them. The arrangement was all white in a tall vase with hydrangeas and white roses. My daughter was very happy. I wanted them to be the tall, white and beautiful because I knew she would receive other arrangements for her birthday. I am very particular as to what I wanted and they were spot on. It's nice to know I can count on this florist. My first time using them. Thank you !

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