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Welcome to 1877floorguy.com, the best option to find floor cleaning and maintenance products that are flooring brand recommended and safe for use on your floor. Floor cleaners, polishes, spot removers, scratch fixers, floor protectors mops and floor machines for use in residential homes or in business settings such as healthcare facilities, schools and retail stores. Our expert Customer Support Team will help answer your questions about the right products to care for and protect your floor. The 1877FloorGuy store specializes in floor cleaners and polishes, floor maintenance supplies, flooring touch up repair, spot cleaners and more for hardwood floors, luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring, sheet vinyl, vct, rubber, linoleum, cork, natural stone, ceramic and porcelain tile, tile grout, and carpet. Shipping throughout the US and Canada.

Find top brand floor care products for hard surface flooring and carpet cleaning including Bona, Armstrong, Shaw, Host, Diversey, Woca, Hilway Direct and hundreds of other top name floor cleaners and finishes. Shop by Brand, Shop by Floor Type or Shop by Flooring Manufacturer. The choice is yours and we appreciate your business. 

Contact us with your flooring related questions via telephone 1-877-FloorGuy (1-877-356-6748) or email [email protected]

Laticrete Stonetech Revitalizer Cleaner and Protector Citrus Refill (ready to use), 1-Gallon
Laticrete Stonetech Revitalizer Cleaner and Protector Citrus Refill (ready to use), 1-Gallon
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ruthieb - 06/10/2014

Great product and great website!

I was originally given a container of this cleaner by the people who provided and installed my granite countertops in 2008. Since then, I have ordered refills from The Floor Guy, because it's such a good deal and because I love the cleaner! I don't even want to try anything else. I've recommended it to friends who complain of lackluster looking granite countertops. Mine still look new after almost six years! Ordering the gallon refill jug works perfectly for me. I just pour some into the smaller original spray bottle that I got in 2008 and keep that in my kitchen. The product lasts a long time, because I need very little to keep my countertops looking spiffy. I highly recommend this product as well as ordering from The Floor Guy. It's so easy!

Congoleum Bright 'n Easy No-Rinse Cleaner CONCENTRATE, gallon
Congoleum Bright 'n Easy No-Rinse Cleaner CONCENTRATE, gallon
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Peg - 06/09/2014

Bright shine

I am an avid user of this product and was happy to know that I can now purchase it on line. It leaves my tile new and fresh looking just like when it was installed.

MIRACLE Grout Shield, 70 oz (New & Improved)
MIRACLE Grout Shield, 70 oz (New & Improved)
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USA B - 05/28/2014

This product maybe good for light grout but not for dark grout like browns that go with the new wood like ceramic floors. Just use distilled water and forget the Miracle Shield.

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