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5-star reviews

5-star reviews

6 years collecting reviews
Carla D’Arpa
11/18/2022 , NJ

Referral Exchange was a great way for my company to refer our customers moving to another state. They had a list of trustworthy agents that we felt comfortable referring our customers to. It was quick and easy to set up and Referral Exchange kept us up to date through the whole transaction.

Customer Service

Cliff C.
07/21/2023 , FL

I find your company and practices predatory and highly unprofessional. Your customer service is condescending and rude. You provide leads with bad information, (NOT) Referrals. You are overpriced and lack transparency for professional agents. I have learned that you charge agents to receive leads, and the garbage goes to those that others turn away. No thanks. It takes you two months to process closed deals, and clearly, the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. You have a very profitable racket. Well done!

Customer Service

Anonymous Customer
06/16/2023 , FL

Customer servcie rep was helpful

Customer Service

Rob K.
09/10/2022 , CA

ReferralExchange really helped me out in a pinch, by helping a close friend get in touch with an absolutley terrific agent. My friend w sold their home and was extremely satisified with their real estate agent Andrea Gordon, plus the entire process was simple and easy.

Bill R.

Great I like making money from referrals especially if it's managed by a third party

Vickie M.
03/16/2022 , IL

Its wonderful to have a place to go to get great agents for your referrals.
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Alicia L.
03/08/2022 , FL

All the agents on the are hard working, knowledgeable and professional.

01/24/2022 , MI

years ago, referral exchange charged me $1000 to join. I sent around 30 qualified referrals. then nothing. I tried to cancel and get a refund, was told I couldn't because I used the service. I don't consider having used it with 0 pending. Now after all these years, I get a check for $150 I would encourage anyone to NOT pay to join this. It's questionable even if it was free. Many other referral companies out there to choose from that do not charge $1000 to join and have higher closing rates like radius agent.

Customer Service

10/06/2021 , CA

Thank you for the support!

Anthony M.
09/14/2021 , TX

I can't thank the referral exchange enough for all their professionalism! Time and again the company has met and exceeded my expectations!! Kudos to Referral Exchange!!!

08/17/2021 , TX

Qualified agents to refer to in markets I'm not familiar. My client loved the agent she chose from the 3 you sent her. Thanks so much. We'll be doing this again.

Karen G.
07/07/2021 , CO

I love using Referral Exchange to help find agents in smaller cities too. My only concern was getting a call back sooner from the main number when I had a question. Otherwise smooth and easy.

Customer Service

01/29/2021 , FL

The sales process took a lot longer than anticipated because the seller was not highly motivated. Referral Exchange tracked the sale over the long period of time that the sale was in process and saw that I got paid my referral fee on the transaction and did not let anything slip through the cracks. Thanks, John Whetsel

Tami F.
01/13/2021 , CA

As of today January 13, 2021
I am Still waiting on the check and it closed in October.
I have called and emailed numerous times :(
This is the first time,
I have ever had an issue like this, my past experiences with Referral Exchange were all good.

Charles H.
01/07/2021 , OH

This transaction took a while to be completed due to COVID-19. However, once complete the processing of my commission check was done in a timely manner!

Elwood H.
10/30/2020 , CA

No issues

Customer Service

10/05/2020 , TX

Couldn't be easier. Input contact info and wait for a check

Customer Service

Rich S.

Looking forward to having an additional referral source. Thank you!

04/07/2020 , FL

Good experience. Referral Agent was professional and transaction went smoothly.

Eric R.
03/27/2020 , PA

We have sent through our first outbound referral. We should now be eligible to receive inbound referrals.

No one has contacted us about any additional information that we need to know in order to be eligible to receive referrals.

Customer Service

Merchant Response tried to help this customer via the Shopper Approved Customer Resolution Center, but the customer did not respond to the assistance provided.

Ken V.
03/25/2020 , WY

My only complaint comes from prospects I call. When they sign on many of them do not expect 4 or 5 calls and If I am at that end of the call chain they are irritable. I disarm them by starting with "Am I the 4th or 5th call you received?" I do this even if I call within minutes of getting the lead. May I suggest that 3 agents is enough and of course I want to be one of the 3. I have received feedback from prospects who have not been "scrubbed" when the referral says they have. I suspect that occurs when a message has been left rather than a personal interview. Otherwise, I recommend REx to Realtors outside of my area as I did recently to one in Alaska. Keep up the good work!

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