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4.8 out of 294 ratings

Welcome to Oakwood Veneer. Oakwood Veneer is a family-owned business that has been manufacturing veneer for over 25 years. We stock over 320 species and are the largest supplier of flexible backed veneer in the United States.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, knowledge and exstensive stock.


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4.8 out of 244 ratings

G&G Hydraulics Corporation began building its product distribution center based on the growing demand for knowledgeable technical support while providing the most reliable, high quality products available in our industry. Our goal to create an avenue by which each customer’s product and delivery concerns could be expressed directly to the manufacturer, established us as an innovator in customer care and support. Our commitment to providing on-time deliveries and reliable, quality components continues to this day. Pursuing this level of product support carries with it a strong commitment to uncompromising excellence in customer care, and continues to play a major role in our continued growth. 

G&G sells a range of hydraulic products, such as SPX Power Team cylinders, SPX Power Team jacks, SPX Power Team pumps, SPX Power Team lifting, SPX Power Team pullers, SPX Power Team presses, SPX Power Team clamps, SPX Power Team bolting tools, SPX Power Team speciality tools, SPX Power Team valves, SPX Power Team accessories, SPX Power Team  subplates, SPX Power Team cylinder and pump sets, CEJN Quick Disconnect nipples, CEJN Quick Disconnect couplers, 

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