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Elite Metal Tools has been in business since 2006 and is a leading retailer committed to becoming the most preferred and trusted supplier of industrial machinery. We are continually working to offer a superior shopping experience, fast product delivery, and excellent customer service.

We offer thousands or products specializing in metalworking, woodworking, and farm equipment, and more. For our metalworking section, we provide products and solutions around metal forming, fabrication equipment, chip removal, welding, and cutting. Then our woodworking department provides woodworking equipment for cabinet making and more. Our farm equipment section offers products and solutions for field applications, planting equipment, packaging and processing equipment, and harvesting equipment.

We are committed to offering quality products, competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Our goal is to continually improve the experience of purchasing industrial machinery and to build lifetime relationships with our customers. For additional information, please contact an Elite Metal Tools representative.


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Since 2012, SD Bullion has made a name for itself in the precious metals industry by offering gold and silver bullion at the absolute lowest prices online, guaranteed. 

Our business model of lowest prices, followed up with first class customer service has allowed us to become the fastest growing precious metals dealer in the US; according to Inc Magazine

We believe in hard assets. For this reason, we started a gold and silver news website in 2011, SilverDoctors.com, that is trusted by over 250,000 readers a month.  We also believe it's prudent to own gold and silver as a physical insurance policy against world-wide fiat currencies and the inflation they cause. And we believe you should be able to save on every precious metals purchase you make... that's why  we believe you should shop at SD Bullion!

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Welcome to transFORM Home -  we have over 25 designers on staff near you, with night and weekend availability. Unlike our competitors, our designers have degrees in interior design and/or many years of comparable industry experience. 

Our designers live and work in the same community as you, ?and see many new projects each week. This means that, as your neighbor, they understand and have experience in providing stylish solutions for the problems that you face. With professional planning, your custom design can not only establish order but also amplify your style.

transFORM's Senior Design Manger, Rozalia Kiss, explains it best, "we love giving traditionally styled spaces an update by mixing in modern lines and color.  In our design work, we encounter people who need to fit their eclectic style? in their ?contemporary designed home. With transFORM's endless custom capabilities and a  little imagination, we are able to put a innovative twist on our clients homes and huge? smile on their faces."

Let our design professionals bring their space planning expertise and experience to your project - schedule you free in-home design consultation today! ?


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