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Welcome to MediNatura! Our company is headquartered in Philadelphia with our manufacturing facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Prior to our formation in 2014, we were the U.S. subsidiary of Germany’s Heel GmbH, the second-largest homeopathic company in the world.  At MediNatura, we reject the idea that effective medicines must come with side effects that can be serious or lethal. Our approach to natural medicine is clinically backed, we are FDA-registered and we are both regulated and inspected by the FDA. 

We follow the homeopathic philosophy of our founder, H.H. Reckeweg MD, whose decades of research and medical practice found that using multiple natural active ingredients was more effective than using a single active ingredient in a remedy. Our products are prescribed by thousands of doctors in the USA and globally, and they have incredibly high safety profiles with no known drug-drug interactions. Our leading retail brand is T-Relief, a PLANT-BASED pain reliever containing Arnica plus 12 additional natural active ingredients. Traumeel, our leading Rx brand, is comprised of 14 plant and mineral active ingredients.