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QuantumStones.com reviews

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4.8 out of 113 ratings

At Quantum Stones, our vision is simple and we believe that knowledge is the beginning of true empowerment and fostering the mind/body/spirit connection. Our primary intention is to make this potentially life-transforming quantum stone technology and collaborating meditations available to anyone who seeks to:

  • Recognize their true potential as a co-creator of their own reality.
  • Discover a higher state of wellbeing and consciousness.
  • Clear negative emotional and physical accumulations inhibiting their vital force.
  • Promote Ayurvedic harmony and balance.
  • Raise their frequency and vibrations.
  • Achieve self-actualization in inner universal clarity.
  • Experience their full potential as collective beings in the universe.
smylen.com reviews

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5.0 out of 102 ratings

Smylen is the best source to find affordable, low cost dental care from top quality dentists in your neighborhood. 

We offer all of the most popular dental treatments including checkups & cleanings, crowns, dentures, extractions, wisdom teeth extractions, fillings, dental implants, root canals, whitenings, veneers, bone grafts, and more. 

All Smylen dentists are hand picked and full vetted, making sure you only have the absolute best dental experience.

Join thousands of other patients who saved big on their dental bills with Smylen.

Spend less, smile more.   Save up to 60% today at www.Smylen.com.

noblehemp.com reviews

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4.7 out of 87 ratings

Noble Hemp® is a socially responsible health and wellness company that aims to help heal through the power of our Premium Handcrafted Hemp CBD Products.

medinatura.com reviews

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4.8 out of 76 ratings

Welcome to MediNatura! Our company is headquartered in Philadelphia with our manufacturing facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Prior to our formation in 2014, we were the U.S. subsidiary of Germany’s Heel GmbH, the second-largest homeopathic company in the world.  At MediNatura, we reject the idea that effective medicines must come with side effects that can be serious or lethal. Our approach to natural medicine is clinically backed, we are FDA-registered and we are both regulated and inspected by the FDA. 

We follow the homeopathic philosophy of our founder, H.H. Reckeweg MD, whose decades of research and medical practice found that using multiple natural active ingredients was more effective than using a single active ingredient in a remedy. Our products are prescribed by thousands of doctors in the USA and globally, and they have incredibly high safety profiles with no known drug-drug interactions. Our leading retail brand is T-Relief, a PLANT-BASED pain reliever containing Arnica plus 12 additional natural active ingredients. Traumeel, our leading Rx brand, is comprised of 14 plant and mineral active ingredients.

TheCompressionStore.com reviews

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4.8 out of 63 ratings
  • We are a leading East Coast distributor of the most respected names in the support hose industry
  • Top name brands and first quality! Jobst, Sigvaris, Mediven, Juzo, CEP and L&R surgical socks and stockings and Support garments.
  • We have expert Certified Fitters on staff to help you
  • Rapid turnover of products! New merchandise arrives daily.We accept all major credit cards and most health insurances!
  • Most liberal return/exchange policy on the web! We allow customers to try products and return/exchange if unsatisfied.
healingharbors.com reviews

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4.8 out of 62 ratings

At Healing Harbors, our mission is to bring help, healing, and care to as many lives as possible — by redefining how we care for ourselves and our loved ones with hemp-powered products. Our personal care and pet products are expertly crafted so that your customers (and their pets) can live their best life every day without any intoxicating effects. We offer a comprehensive wholesale line, including a variety of personal care products (try our bestselling Body Butter!), “Full Plant” and “THC-Free” Daily Defense Oils, and pet care items like Dog Treats and Daily Defense Drops. All Healing Harbors products feature legal, non-intoxicating hemp backed by 3rd party lab testing to ensure strength and purity, and no prescription or special medical designation is required to use them. Healing Harbors is proud to be Maine-made, Veteran-founded, and Women-owned.

hairrestorationhouston.com reviews

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5.0 out of 58 ratings

Dr. Carlos Puig, of Physicians' Hair Restoration Center (PHRC) has over three decades of leadership in the field of hair restoration and transplants. Even with our years of experience, we are constantly on the cutting edge of the latest hair transplant technologies.

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