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Diabeticplaza.com reviews

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4.9 out of 41 ratings

Diabetic Plaza is a marketplace for diabetic supplies online.  Featuring all your needed diabetic supplies including glucose test strips, lancets, glucose meters, and insulin supplies Diabetic Plaza offers competitive prices and unbeatable discounts. We have a wide variety of brand names including Abbott, Accu-Chek, Arkray, Bayer, Nipro, OneTouch, and many more from a variety of vendors at competitive prices. Check the prices online and compare for yourself. 

The unique combination of competitive prices, fast shipping, and unrivaled customer service makes Diabetic Plaza the prime candidate for purchasing all your diabetic supplies. 


wholesomerepublic.com reviews

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4.7 out of 25 ratings

Here at Wholesome Republic you will find a wide selection of natural, organic, gluten free, and earth friendly products to help you lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  You can also find many ideas and recipes for delicious natural/organic meals made right at home.

Browse our selection of natural and organic foods, beverages, pet food, bath and beauty products, and household cleaning items.  We also carry a wide selection of delicious gluten free products for those suffering from gluten sensitivity or celiac disease.

Wholesome Republic is not just another online store, it is a way of life shared by like-minded people who want to make a positive difference.

"Wholesome" is defined as anything conducive of physical, moral, and overall well-being.  Everything we do at Wholesome Republic is guided by this principle.  We believe in a balanced healthy lifestyle driven by proper nutrition, frequent exercise, quality time with family and friends, and a shared sense of social responsibility.

theohball.com reviews

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4.9 out of 9 ratings

One in 10 people will experience plantar fasciitis in their lifetime. Plenty more will experience foot pain caused by long hours on their feet, running long distances, or simply daily life. Foot pain is miserable and debilitating. You worry you won't ever be comfortable on your feet again.

I understand what foot pain feels like. I've experienced the horrible effects of plantar fasciitis first hand, and spent three years and thousands of dollars searching for a solution. The crippling pain I experienced from plantar fasciitis inspired The Oh Ball. In just four weeks of  using The Oh Ball, my pain was gone. After three years of struggling with other solutions I knew I wanted to help others get the same freedom I now enjoy.

The Oh Ball conforms to the natural arch of the foot. The handles allow you to pinpoint the location and control how much pressure you put on the ball. Plus, you won't have to chase it across the room! After using it for just 7 days you will notice a dramatic decrease in your foot pain. After 21 days of consistent use, your foot pain will be gone.

Kipp Hagaman, Inventer & CEO

advanced-injury-rehab.com reviews

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4.9 out of 9 ratings

Welcome to Advanced Injury Rehabilitation.  We are a family oriented, "State of the Art" Chiropractic office that specializes in your aches and pains and Auto Accidents.  We have two Chiropractic Physicians in our office.  Dr. Ken Boothe and Dr. Tim Shelton have treated hundreds if not thousands of people just like you who are suffering from neck and back pain. We have over 25 years of experience helping people just like you.

We specialize in getting you better!  Whether you have been in an auto accident or hurt your back while doing yard work, we have a specialized and specific treatment for your pains.  We restore spinal joint movement, correct motion imbalances and decrease your aches and pains quickly.

When it comes to your comfort, motion and ability to enjoy living, we are there to help you.  You are important to us and we really do care.

Come see what makes us stand out above the rest.

beautydepot.com reviews

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4.5 out of 8 ratings

At Beauty Depot we strive to bring you the most sought after beauty products for the lowest retail price. We pride ourselves in being able to offer our customers amazing products at a lower price than any salon.

Beauty Depot’s family of employees puts each customer first. We are thrilled to help you in whatever way we can. Order online or call us for a one on one buying experience; either way, we’re here for you. We hope our competitive prices and focus on customer satisfaction will keep you coming back for years. So take a load off and browse away; you’ll find beauty products to meet all of your needs

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