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Suddora is all about taking action, being healthy and striving toward goals. The man running in our logo means that both our customers and us are constantly moving forward in life, looking for the next great adventure or obstacle to overcome. Every day we are inspired by our customers athleticism and will to win. We view it as an absolute honor to serve you and we are here to provide you with the highest quality gear that is only an addition to your current greatness.

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Welcome to Better Bridal Online, the home for cost conscious bridal parties who still want quality, authentic, top of the line, manufacturers.  All of the manufacturers and designers we represent are authentic, and we are authorized retailers in each line.  We also own and operate a traditional "bricks and mortar" full service bridal salon that has been in business over 25 years, so we understand the needs of today's bridal parties (Read more in the "About Us" tab).  While we may not be the biggest online bridal store, we do pride ourselves on being one of the best. Unlike some of the other online stores, we ship all of our products via UPS.  Every customer gets their UPS tracking number (USA Only), ensuring we can track the dress to your front door.  Nothing worse than having your dress "lost in the mail".

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There is nothing else like it…a whisper-soft cashmere sweater, knit and hand finished in Scotland.

I started Isle of Skye Cashmere because I love the feel and look of exceptional quality cashmere. I use the best yarns, and and the best knitting mills in the Scottish Borders that produce the most beautiful sweaters in the world. All of our sweaters are knit in Scotland from 100% pure cashmere.

If you have any questions, please call me toll-free at 1-888-343-6771. I want to help you find a sweater that you will be thrilled with for years to come.

Rita Jones