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Preeti | Dehradun | Submitted 29 Jun 2015

Hi Mark,
well before telling you about your product, let me just tell you this, that you have done a very good and detail research on very topic. Which helps us to know why the problem has been there in the first place. And the tips which you give, through e-mails, are good and effective, if practised properly, i am definitely sure there would be some differences. Now, when we talk about the product, which i brought on the basis of your e-mails and videos that it would "change" or make some differences (for good) in my life....i just can't feel that. Thing is the first time i listened to it, i was very nervous and was under pressure, if its going to work or not, i had paid a amount for this (₹ 10,000 in Indian rupee's). So my mind was very disturbed. And when i tried it, nothing real happened inside my thoughts. I was disappointed but thought i should give it a week or so to it. And guess what nothing happened after that also. First i thought its only with one of the audio. But later when i checked others there was no difference whatsoever. And you asked me for my feedback almost like ten days back but as i wasn't sure about my feedback, thinking i am just being very negative about it and that i should give a chance to it, so i didn't give my feedback. And, guess what, my opinion didn't change. There is a big problem in all the audios, that is its very SCRIPT! Its not the voice, not the tone (that much), but the script. It does not take attention of the conscious mind or the subconscious mind. Its just too normal to pay attention to it anyways. I mean, i am so disappointed that i feel like talking to you about this one on one. I mean, how do you expect a person, who is going through so much in life to pay attention to something like this. I mean, my mind was struggling to pay attention to you, and then you say you don't have to, my subconscious mind will pick up (which i agree it, it does that), but my both minds (conscious and subconscious) are busy thinking or doing something else. And if you are suggesting, that i have to be really calm to avail the benefits out of this audio, then let me just tell you one thing, if i could be very calm in my life, then why on earth would i buy your product?!! And one more thing, if you are telling me that hypnosis works when its done one on one, and when you know about your subject, so that you can use utilization principle. If that's the case, then why on earth would you sell these audios which are completely useless!!
God! I was so disappointed at first, that i immediately wanted my money back. But then i thought i should give it a try before just coming to a conclusion, that its not working! After 17 days, i guess what my conclusion is the same, its just not working. And yes i am really disappointed. Hope i could help you with this, because your very product, on which your whole company is based on is just stupid or nothing. I'll just tell you, what i think you can do. 1st. If you are okay with music, then add one to your audios, playing in the background, you have already done so much research, probably you can do research for a universal music, which calm everybody or most of the people. 2nd. Please work on your script, the words most importantly, they do not catch the attention at all, which is actually the problem. 3rd. You can then work on the voice and the tone too, to give it a huge impact of it on the subject. That's all, can't write anymore. All the best to you.

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5 Stars

Donna 28 Jul 2017

I was really impressed with the CD. It provided the strategic suggestions that I was looking for in a hypnosis script.
Thanks very much!
Donna West

5 Stars

Kev 26 Feb 2017

Excellent quality downloads and service.

5 Stars

lynne - QC - Canada 6 Oct 2016

Thank you for all the good this hypnosis have done for me through out my life. Also your customer
service in incredible, a few years back I lost many downloads due to changing computers and you
helped me in getting them back..

5 Stars

Anonymous Customer - CA - United States 6 Oct 2016

Ease of use is pretty good, I buy from the U.S. no problems. Product works.

5 Stars

Marni - Waikato - NZ 24 Aug 2016

Prompt response. Very happy with product.

5 Stars

Jess - NY - United States 13 Jul 2016

I've purchased the Improve Concentration and Focus, Attention to Detail, Be More Professional downloads as well as the Self-Confidence Trainer Course, and am really pleased I did. Customer Service has been great (I had to contact them to ask about changing my password as I couldn't find it on the website and they replied within 8 hours and were very helpful), I think the actual hypnosis downloads are really well done, very effective and well-worth the money. Like most things, they are not a 'quick-fix' (at least, not for me), I have to put the work in to it by being patient, I have to make the commitment to listen to them daily, but I'm doing that and they are making a difference. I'm especially pleased with the trainer course and would recommend those highly, I also love the they send daily tips via email, just small reminders about things for me to think about that will help to make change happen. I will definitely be purchasing more downloads from them in the future. I swear by them!

5 Stars

Bill - NY - United States 5 Nov 2015

I did comment back to you on the "Be a Better Hypnotic Subject" that in 3 places there is a requirement to do an analysis and it is fairly irritating to do the same analysis over and over. I did get a quick reply from you but am not sure even yet. Both "Be a Better Hypnotic Subject" and "Get in the Zone" have lengthy introductions that only need to be listened to once. Rather than re-listening to the introductions or having to fast forward, I used mp3cut.net to cut out the intros. I will try the "Be a Better Hypnotic Subject" a few more times as suggested but I nay have to ask for a refund for it eventually. I will keep "Get in the Zone"

5 Stars

Sarah C - Hertfordshire - United Kingdom 28 Oct 2015

Not only informative, helpful advice but also such an effective way truly to absorb it into your life. It actually successfully changed how I act and feel. So grateful!

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