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Karen or Terry S | Submitted 13 Apr 2017
Verified Customer

I have a terrible time signing onto your website. Today I know I was on your website (Greatland Yearli) yet it wouldn't accept any of my sign on information. I finally went back and tried Speed efiler and my drop down menu gave me an address for you, so I clicked on it. I have had this problem every time I try to access your website. Please tell me what the website address is and explain that, when it looks as though I'm on your website it won't accept any information.

Joe G | Submitted 3 Apr 2017
Verified Customer

A little bit easier instructions for those who are not as savvy as others in this stuff

Joseph E | Submitted 1 Mar 2017
Verified Customer

The website timed out during the payment process. Doesn't make me feel reliable or secure. I hope my payment was not processed twice. I've used your site the past 3 years with no problems until this year.

Jennifer A | Submitted 13 Feb 2017
Verified Customer

i sent a chat request and no one responded to it.

MICHAEL A | Submitted 10 Feb 2017
Verified Customer

I've been using your service for years. it seems to be getting harder. after putting in my information and logging on, it doesn't appear to be successful. it took me a while for me to figure out that I can just continue on even though the page looks like I've failed to enter. then the check out pages again all look like I haven't been successful, until I scroll down and see that I have. Functional site, just not very smooth or intuitive. Thanks for getting the job done though!

Kathleen S | Submitted 9 Feb 2017
Verified Customer


Wendy H | Submitted 2 Feb 2017
Verified Customer

I find the site very difficult and confusing. I remember last year being much easier

Jonathon P | Submitted 2 Feb 2017
Verified Customer

the site got hung up multiple times and I was required to either re-enter information or go back to home.

Carmen M | Submitted 31 Jan 2017
Verified Customer

While I appreciated the ease of use, I found that there is a bug in your system, I had to make corrections repeatedly. some forms would drop off and suddenly come back, some dependents would end up in another person's form, it was very frustrating, I hope that the end product is accurate, I've reviewed several times and I keep finding new issues.

Virginia V | Submitted 31 Jan 2017
Verified Customer

It seemed a lot harder and more complicated than I remembered. I deleted my own payer information and had to re-do it.

Sandra H | Submitted 31 Jan 2017
Verified Customer

I have to do so much data entry here, it's a horrible use of my time when we've already got the vendors info in another software. You need to make your software compatible with Qbooks Online. AND I filed one batch of 1099s to make sure it worked. Then I came back and filed almost 500 more forms. I didn't realize I wasn't getting the price break on the first batch. I would like a credit for being charged $4.99 per form for that batch. Thank you

Ryan P | Submitted 31 Jan 2017
Verified Customer

Each year I use your website it's different than the year before. And not for the better. This year took me a solid 10 minutes of clicking around to find where to start the forms. Not intuitive.

Gregory R | Submitted 31 Jan 2017
Verified Customer

Expensive and never have or emailed any promo codes for any discounts

thomas w | Submitted 31 Jan 2017
Verified Customer

I got a message yesterday stating I was timed out so today I started another that apparently worked but was charged twice (Not good)

Joe S | Submitted 30 Jan 2017
Verified Customer


Co-Nghiep H | Submitted 30 Jan 2017
Verified Customer

I already have an old account on, but when you moved to yearli, it's no longer there and I have to create a new account :(

GlennaMae H | Submitted 30 Jan 2017
Verified Customer

Half OK, but you keep putting this damn thing on the screen before we can proceed...there should be an option to not see this request more than once a season!

K Brummett | Submitted 30 Jan 2017
Verified Customer

the chat option is not attentive or helpful---low rating. I would like to be able to contact someone by phone. Also, I didn't find the process as easy as it should be. In fact, I don't even know if I need to do anything else to file/send my forms, or if everything is done electronically.

John L | Submitted 29 Jan 2017
Verified Customer

My saved password from last year was not accepted. there is almost a 5 minute delay requesting a password reset. I ended up reqesting a new password 4 times. This took about 30 minutes and was extremely irritating. This year you also FORCE me to enter my credit card information on your site. Both these things were very annoying. I had to type in my full mailing address, and my email address on this feedback form. You waste a lot of my time on unnecessary stuff.

Larry F | Submitted 29 Jan 2017
Verified Customer

Your "Pay and Submit" page/routine gave an erroneous error message which prevented the system from filing the completed forms. I finally figured out what the error was and corrected it, but it was not related to the actual error message that appeared on screen. Very confusing.

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