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Larry | Submitted 27 Apr 2017

“Everything went GREAT. Ordering more.”

Product Satisfaction 5 5.0
Delivery Time 5 5.0
Greg H | WV, United States | Submitted 25 Apr 2017

“Great product and ordering it and receiving it was easy. All the videos made it easy to learn to use.”

Product Satisfaction 5 5.0
Delivery Time 5 5.0
BT H | CA, United States | Submitted 24 Apr 2017

“I insulated a 16 foot tall south facing exterior wall in Southern California with the 602 Slow Rise Green Foam. In this situation we were filling closed cavities thru 1 1/2" diam holes which we had drilled into the sheetrock in 3 foot lifts.

The builder had neglected to insulate major portions of this exterior wall. To make it worse, this is a south facing wall which receives sun most of the day. Thus, this room became inhospitably hot much of the year. It wasn't my choice to use the 602 slow rise foam. My client had done extensive research and concluded this was the way to go and would give superior thermal protection over removing all the drywall and installing fiberglass batting.

I was pleasantly surprised using the 602 formula. Because I am very cautious and had never used this product before I watch product demo videos on YouTube and had seen some negative videos about foam injection. I had the following concerns:
1. If we overfilled a cavity would the wall bulge?
2. If we under-filled a cavity we would get lesser thermal protection.
3. If the product does not cure completely would it produce bad odors that would haunt us forever?
4. Would the chemicals produce caustic odors during the injection process?
Fortunately, these problems never occurred.

Prior to the injection process we followed all the directions. My client purchased the product April of 2016 and we did not use it until March of 2017,11 months later. The customer service people reassured me that if we shook the large canisters for 20 minutes each it would be sufficient.

During the injection process I was pleasantly surprised that there was very little chemical odor( and I have a sensitive nose). We did a test run by filling a 3' tall equivalent experimental transparent cavity to get a sense of how fast to inject the foam. After the test run we filled each cavity to the extent that excess foam would expand out of the injection hole in the wall(This was our assurance that there is complete filling for each lift). There was no problem with bulging walls nor incomplete filling. We used the 5/16" inside diam clear vinyl tubing taped to the mixing nozzle. (I would recommend using duct tape to secure the tubing to the mixing nozzle, not black electrical tape)

Be sure you protect any flooring or adjacent wall area from excess foam. When excess foam comes out of the injection hole it will drop to the floor and will stick to the wall. It is easy to remove once it cures.

I am very happy with the results. The walls are now very temperature stable with a high thermal resistance (around R24) which is excellent for a 3 1/2" thick cavity. I highly recommend the 602 Slow Rise Green Foam for the closed cavity injection.”

David | SC, United States | Submitted 22 Apr 2017

“While the spray foam kit is ideally marketed for use where traditional insulation might otherwise be used (i.e. fiberglass insulation, etc.), I identified a unique situation where the spray foam was not only the most cost-effective solution, but it may have likely been THE ONLY solution! (And while I'm not a professional 'insulation expert', I am an architect).

In this situation, I used the spray foam kit to enclose HVAC duct ventilation in an extended area of my home where the duct work's existing insulation was so inferior (virtually no R-value due to compression from support straps and being torn in areas during original installation) that it resulted in condensation build-up on the insulation, which then, over time, pooled and leaked through the bedroom ceilings below it. The issues I confronted in solving this included nearly inaccessible, tight space, existing compressed insulation around the duct work, and inferior back-wall insulation that permitted the elevated heat conditions around the duct work.

With the option of paying an HVAC company thou$and$ (this was quoted!) to 'redo' the problematic duct work, I realized that the existing space would not allow their 'fix' to properly solve the condensation problem. In fact, had I used them, I would have spent more money & time and ended up with the same issue.

After significantly researching various solution-options, I ordered and applied the spray foam kit, and using their simple-to-follow instructions, I 'expertly' applied the spray foam (seriously, it's was that easy!) to completely encase the problematic duct work. Since the spray foam cures in 2 minutes, I built up in layers the surrounding level of foam to essentially create a 'coozy' around the duct work. The impact was immediately noticeable as all the rooms that were subsequently being supplied cooler air through the duct system and all the rooms have maintained much cooler temperatures as a result. Moreover, by surrounding this duct work, the issue of condensation were solved!

Interestingly, despite a number of 'professional HVAC companies' attempts to provide a viable solution to this issue, none of them offered a solution that they could ensure would solve this problem. And none could come remotely close to the cost (enormous savings!) of doing this myself using the spray foam kit.

As an architect AND a home-owner looking for a meaningful, cost-effective, and lasting solution, I found it with it with SprayFoamKit.com! Buyer tip: definitely order the kit of accessories when you order as it was a HUGE time saver and extremely complete! You'll be glad you did! ”

Product Satisfaction 5 5.0
Delivery Time 5 5.0
Customer Service 5 5.0
Richard D | TX, United States | Submitted 21 Apr 2017

“Shipped quick! Answered all questions with knowledge, excellent customer service! Very easy to spray, came with everything needed except respirator. Highly recommend product if you want to save a lot of money!!!”

Product Satisfaction 5 5.0
Delivery Time 5 5.0
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