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brenda 25 Feb 2012
inormational and easy
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5 stars
Rick G - CA, United States 23 Mar 2011

I've looked at alot of other website and this was the easiest to use and you had exactly what I was searching for. Not to mention my package arrived within a couple days. I've had the resistance bands now for over a week and my muscles get just as sore as when I go to the gym. Love these things.

5 stars
Gavin R - IN, United States 19 Jul 2013

I first bought from workoutz a year or so ago and again recently. I am very pleased as how quickly they get my order to me. Also the quality of the products is top shelf. Very pleased and I will definitely buy from again.

5 stars
Peter - TX, United States 15 Jul 2013

chatted and got an answer

5 stars
Dan P 08 Jun 2014

great pricing for great product

5 stars
Jan R - AZ, United States 30 Jul 2012

I bought bulk stretch resistance bands for a senior exercise class that I conduct. The product was excellent, reasonably priced and delivered within 2 days. Couldn't ask for more.

5 stars
Laura L 26 May 2014

I'm always cautious, but your price beats Amazon in this case, even with the shipping.

The packages contained two ball plugs each, instead of one as shown in the photo that accompanied the item description. It helped me feel I got my money's worth.

But special treatment like that sets up an expectation on the part of the customer that can only be disappointed in future transactions.

One criticism, applying to all internet commerce, not just yours: I wish businesses would include the cost of shipping in the announced price, because it would give me a better idea of what I am actually paying for the item -- I cannot obtain the item without it being shipped to me, so shipping is a significant part of the ACTUAL price of any given item. Incremental price reductions for purchasing additional quantity or other items would help make comparison to local retail prices easier. Also, it is always unpleasant to see the exhorbitant costs of delivery singled out. I think this could be done through data bases and programming behind the scenes, making the user interaction less "bumpy."

Thanks for asking.

5 stars
Christian K - CA, United States 28 Jul 2011

very well organized and clear.

5 stars
Anthony C - ME, United States 04 Mar 2013

Thank you for the quality products. We have started using them and so far they are performing well. I will make another purchase as soon as there are more funds available for purchasing equipment.

5 stars
Chris - MO, United States 15 Apr 2013

I placed my order and had no problems or issues with the product or shipping. Thanks for the timely, customer friendly service.

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