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Christopher 29 Apr 2012
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Brett - NSW, Australia 17 Oct 2012

It was just a great shop, I love the internet and I love spending my money at TNIS, its a great place for any domain junkie to get a fix ;) and who knows ya may just get lucky like I did and start to generate a bit of revenue from your crappy blogs.

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Brett - NSW, Australia 22 Apr 2012

Well it was just so amazing ! I found what I wanted and then clicked "add to cart" and BLAMMO! the thing was in my cart in an instant.

Then came the payment bit, WHOOOEEE!!!! I entered my payment details and SHAZAMMM! the payment was made.

I don't know how I am going to sleep tonight after this incredible, smooth, easy, hi-tech, shopping experience has got me so hyped up with excitement I'm gonna need an extra Valium or 5.

I had no idea the internet could be so stimulating .


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