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Eco Friendly S 05 Jan 2012
3 years on - 99.99% uptime and great support
This host is for those who are interested in joomla (open source) and we cannot stop raving about them.

Competitive pricing. After 9.95 for a first year to test drive their services, renewing was a bit steep (at 8.95/mo for one year - thereafter 5-6/mo). Reasonable. Very reasonable provider.
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5 stars
Charles O - PA, United States 21 Mar 2014

I having been designing web sites since 1996 so I have dealt with a lot of hosting companies over the years. I believe Siteground is by far the best experience and host I have ever used. I have contacted them by chat several times now and I never have to wait more than a minute to get a tech support person. There picture and name are on the chat box so I know whom I am chatting with. Nice touch. But the best part is how fast and accurate they are. With my previous host they would keep me online for 20 minutes or more before getting to me. Then they would take an hour or more "researching".

Never have that with Siteground. Siteground actually takes the time to show ME how to do things so that I can feel empowered and able to fix things myself. I have learned so much from this. I am not a coder, more a designer but now I think I am getting this. It is not that hard once you are shown how to do it. I never imagined a hosting service would teach me this stuff. But the DO!!

The best part of coming to Siteground from my former big host is the improvement in Wordpress. I got the Go Geek and it is like night and day. All my sites are super fast now and my clients think I am a genius. As they were complaining how slow their sites were. Not any more. Siteground uses Supercache which makes a huge difference. Plus they have security and back up and a CDN all built in.

Just like the big price tag Wordpress mangaged services but I can have several sites all for the price of one.

I am so happy I found Siteground. I purchased a two year account as I am not going anywhere. I am home. As soon as I can get all my site moved over I am going to be a happy man. Thanks for reading this review.

5 stars
Tracy - TN, United States 09 Oct 2014

I recently moved my sites to SiteGround's "GoGeek" hosting, and I'm amazed at the speed difference from my GoDaddy hosting plans. I was, and still am a big admirer of GoDaddy's level of customer support, and I was a little nervous because SiteGround's support system was different, but after using their chat/support ticket system, I have to say it has made things less stressfull.

Great customer service! Love these guys!

5 stars
JD - AZ, United States 07 Feb 2013

These guys rock! I've used a number or providers in the past and none of them could even come close to the level of service or reliability of Siteground. I've been with them for several years now and host dozens of sites with them and they never fail to amaze me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

5 stars
Jason M - TX, United States 18 Feb 2014

I just needed ID Protect turned off for a domain. Although, support is always TipTop and Todor was hasty with the help. Thanks Todor.. and thanks SiteGround!

5 stars
Thom - TX, United States 12 May 2014

I chatted with Boris for almost an hour. He was friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and answered every question I had (of importance; he didn't answer when I asked if he was in the U.S. or UK ;)

It was a good experience for me.

5 stars
JP 15 Jan 2013

Very quick and helpful. Have had to use customer for several sites for several different issues. Very fast and helpful. Have bought more services and hosted more sites with Siteground because of the excellent support (and price).

5 stars
ajbessette - Hyogo, Japan 30 Sep 2012

The support staff is excellent. Support is prompt and they work to resolve all issues.

5 stars
RapidPage - ON, Canada 24 Dec 2012

I would like to tell you from a customer, and web guy point of view siteground it a superior service.

5 stars
James N - MO, United States 26 Mar 2014

I have used siteground for years. They are great! Numerous sites, and never any downtime. Support is fantastic!

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