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Anonymous Customer 20 Feb 2012
I don't know who I am rating here, but the setup is very good and the site is wonderful.
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Piano Street is a website promoting classical piano music. It started out in 2001 as "Piano Forum", a discussion board for pianists, teachers and piano students, but has now expanded to include piano sheet music, recordings, news, articles and information about piano pieces and famous piano composers such as Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin. With over 7000 daily visitors it has established itself as one of the leading websites about piano music and piano playing.

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5 stars
jussara t - S. Paulo, Brazil 08 Mar 2012

sim. recomendo à outras pessooas.
estou renovando minha assinatura no Piano Street

Gostaria de saber como faço para conseguir ter acesso à peças que não sejam de tão difícil execução, não exijam tanta técnica. Geralmente só consigo as de muito fácil execução ou as que ´são muito difíceis.
Maria Jussara Ribeiro Torres

5 stars
ANtonio B - Madrid, Other 09 Oct 2010

Best way to buy in Internet !

5 stars
Ronel G - south Africa, Other 31 Jul 2011

Thanks for the excellent music sheet - love it

5 stars
Bjarni J - Kópavogur, Iceland 26 Mar 2013

Very nice so far. Have not seen what I am buying yet !

5 stars
Michael P - OR, United States 15 Jun 2011

So far, everything seems to be going well. Gave me exactly what I wanted, right away.

Now to see if it prints and is legible.

Everything printed as needed, albeit slowly. "Likely to buy again" category downgraded because of the size of the pages: Piano Street puts 6 bars on a page, whereas Shirmer's puts only 4 bars on a page and can make everything significantly larger. That difference makes Shirmer's MUCH easier to read from the distance at which a pianist must read. I realize that 6 bars per page saves me paper (and can't cost Piano Street much in terms of computer storage space) but now I have to play with a photocopier to try and enlarge the music I purchased to a readable size.

5 stars
Mariana 06 Oct 2011

Easy and clean procedure! Nice

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