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Gaylene B 04 May 2012
You have the information I need. As a newbe you have the info to help me learn and feel confident. I want to be a good herbalist that does good--not harm and is successful.
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5 stars
[email protected] - IL, United States 26 Dec 2012

I really appreciate shopping online since my life is so busy and this site is one of the best!!! Easy to use, easy to find specifics boxes in processing the order form and it is easy to make corrections if need be. Besides the quality of the company it also is positive, fun and empowering. We can all appreciate those features today! Thank you!!!

5 stars
lucie m - QC, Canada 09 Nov 2011

It's wonderful buying from you. I don't shop for much more than food lately, so you are priviledged to have my business :))

All joking aside, I am very happy with my shopping experience.


Lucie Mayer

5 stars
Pauline P - AK, United States 28 Dec 2011

Great information, and I wholely support their family business. The only thing that I don't like is the structure of the site and e-mails appear WAY too pop-up supported, which seems sketchy. It is most likely just the quality of web support, however all orders I have ever placed have been processed timely with high quality products received.

5 stars
Elaine - TX, United States 25 Nov 2011

I am excited about beginning this experience.

5 stars
Sherri J - TX, United States 25 Jan 2013

I really enjoyed my transaction. It was seamless. I love playing the Wildcraft! game with my family and I feel it was worth every penny! Thank you Learning Herbs!

5 stars
Lorrie C 01 Apr 2014

I've not had time to play with it yet due to personal issues. But can't wait to get started :)

5 stars
Zoe B - Wirral, United Kingdom 23 Sep 2011

Hi John, Hoorah Wildcraft is ready! As you can see I have ordered x 2, one is a gift for a friend who isn't a member of Herb Mentor so I was wondering if you could advise me on how I can allow her to access the ecourse 'kids and herbs' that comes with this package? Kind Regards, Zoe

5 stars
Miquilaue Y - MO, United States 06 Jun 2013

So thankful I was directed to your site from a youtube video. Now I can take caring for my family into my own hands and not feel so dependent on "traditional" medicine. Thank you!

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