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Khair-un-Nisa 01 May 2012
It's a bit difficult to fill in comments at this stage, as it would have been better once I've received my order. I only gave three stars to the recommend part as I don't know many people who are interested in this kind of thing, otherwise I would have ranked it higher.
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5 stars
Karen C - VA, United States 31 Mar 2011

I love this kit for making the healing salve. Can't get enough for gifts for my family and friends.

5 stars
Gary - ME, United States 17 Oct 2012

As parents, we are aware of the need to know what herbs are local to us and are good for. Young children learn while enjoying and playing games. We appreciate how this game incorporates both while increasing their knowledge about plants and their benefits. I call out to every responsible and caring parent to give your children tools to help them and yourself for now and the future. Who knows, someday, someone's life may depend on what you know.

5 stars
Karin - CA, United States 10 Dec 2012

I love everything y'all do at Learning!!!!!

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