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Khair-un-Nisa 01 May 2012
It's a bit difficult to fill in comments at this stage, as it would have been better once I've received my order. I only gave three stars to the recommend part as I don't know many people who are interested in this kind of thing, otherwise I would have ranked it higher.
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5 stars
Peggy O - VA, United States 12 Apr 2013

The kit is amazing! I can't wait to start the lessons. I really like the idea of online help with the kit and later when I try salves, essential oils and tinctures on my own.

5 stars
Barbara - AR, United States 13 Apr 2010

I've already recommeded your site to my brother. Best site I have found on the web. Anxiously awaiting the kit.
Just received my herbal medicine kit will start using it right away. Love this site loads of wonderful information and products.
Thank you,

5 stars
susan s - MO, United States 22 Sep 2011

It was soooo easy. I am excited to play this with my kids and I usually don't like boardgames.

5 stars
Matthew M - NC, United States 30 Nov 2012

Great value, great information, wonderful website/people to work with.

5 stars
Trish - PA, United States 22 Sep 2011

We have played the Wildcraft game as a family several times and we are so pleased! Already we have recommended it to friends. Thank you for such a thoughtful family game!
The Rechly's

5 stars
Christy L - MO, United States 17 Aug 2011

I LOVE HERB MENTOR! Best website for info!!!

5 stars
Nancy H - OR, United States 14 Dec 2010

Receiving the shipment took a little longer than I expected (can't remember how many days exactly...maybe a week?) but I think part of it is that we live in such a "hurry up" society I have come to expect things rather quickly. Really, a week is not excessively long so don't consider this a complaint just an observance in light of today's society and expectations.

5 stars
Tara P - UT, United States 30 Nov 2012

I have been waiting for this game to go back on sale since last year. I'm so happy and I got a great deal. Can't wait for my kids to open it on Christmas!!

Also--love, love, love the easy herbal bath and body recipes you always have. Can't say enough good things about you guys!

5 stars
Renee S - QC, Canada 15 Dec 2010

I thought the shipping was a bit pricey (almost as much as the item itself) but I'm assuming that can't be helped. Everything else was perfect.

5 stars
Bridget S - ON, Canada 29 Nov 2013

Awesome. Clean, simple, beautiful.

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