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5 stars
Khair-un-Nisa 01 May 2012
It's a bit difficult to fill in comments at this stage, as it would have been better once I've received my order. I only gave three stars to the recommend part as I don't know many people who are interested in this kind of thing, otherwise I would have ranked it higher.
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5 stars
Annette S - FL, United States 18 Dec 2010

I would have listed it with the shipping, so 29.99 including shipping! and I really ordered it for the e book but don't know what the format will be in. But I think it will work out.

5 stars
Jessica - NC, United States 25 Jun 2011

This is my first time ordering and can't wait to recive my package! I am hoping for a fast shipping time!

5 stars
shelley k - MI, United States 17 Dec 2011

love herbs, cant wait to give the game I got as a present so I can play too....

5 stars
Charles M - MA, United States 13 Nov 2012

good product, just a little expensive...

5 stars
Victoria G - WA, United States 19 Dec 2013

Wonderfully detailed information. This is my very first purchase of dried herbs. Looking forward to the kits! I purchased one for my daughter so we can make things together! I will be back to purchase more I'm sure. Thank you, Victoria
My daughter & I are on our way to creating healthy living for everyone in our family thanks to your wonderful herb & plant business. May you & yours be blessed with all that is good and positive! Merry Christmas, Victoria

5 stars
lisa s 17 May 2014

everything was great. my kids and i enjoyed making the home remedies and learned a lot. thanks

5 stars
Carrie C - OR, United States 19 Dec 2011

I just wanted to say thank you for making the purchase process so simple and easy! I'm excited to be giving this game as a christmas gift and can't wait to play it with my family! What a great idea. Thank you and have a merry Christmas!!!
God bless, Carrie

5 stars
Peggy - AZ, United States 21 Jun 2011

I purchased the boardgame "Wildcraft" and although I haven't played it yet, I've read through the instructions and I love the storyline and how the game promotes cooperation and to lend a helping hand. This is wonderful!

5 stars
Ginny T - TX, United States 19 Dec 2011

I purchased Wildcraft for my family several months back, and I was astounded how easy it was to make herbal remedies at home to help us all naturally. Thank you for offering such informative products! Now I am passing this gift on to extended family so that they, too, can benefit from your products!

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