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Khair-un-Nisa 01 May 2012
It's a bit difficult to fill in comments at this stage, as it would have been better once I've received my order. I only gave three stars to the recommend part as I don't know many people who are interested in this kind of thing, otherwise I would have ranked it higher.
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5 stars
Maria 16 Dec 2010

... i just HOPE that the fee for purchasing with my European Visa will not bring an expensive surprise because of the dollar-purchase...

5 stars
Tina L - MD, United States 19 Jun 2011

I loved the supermaret herbalism instructions. They were easy to follow, great for a beginning, but also fun for someone more experienced.

5 stars
Beth - CO, United States 22 Jun 2011

A very positive, happy experience!! Thank you so much for all you do!!

5 stars
Loma R - IA, United States 16 Dec 2011

Love the site and wish I had more time to use all your great resourses. Thank you for all you dedication in the name of Herbs!!!!

5 stars
Teresa R - MN, United States 18 Dec 2011

I love this site! It is one of the few things that bring my 16-year-old and me together. She is going through that teenage independence thing, and this is a very safe subject that she doesn't feel like she needs to guard what she says to me about. She is becoming a truly wonderful adult, but this rough patch is made much smoother by us having a hobby that allows us to come close without jeopardizing her boundaries. Thank you so much!!!

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