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5 stars
Otto Kelersson - Birmingham, United Kingdom 08 Jun 2012
I'm really happy with their support, they reply support queries very instantly.

Pricing is also, good enough.

They lack in some default features comes with reseller hosting generally, but innovative other features such as global hosted servers is always Plus Plus.

I rate 8 our of 10 to Gigapros!
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5 stars
Mark S - Moscow, Russia 07 Aug 2013

I'm impressed with Gigapros hoster. Response time on tickets is fast, needed a few times some help and they fixed everything for me. Tutorial videos are always a good idea and when done effectively and well at they did - I like it.
They gave me two public IP addresses! I had to pay my previous provider extra to get just one.
I installed Lighty and with a little work, was able to host both Drupal and MediaWiki sites.

If you are not 100% happy with the place you are now at, then can highly recommend Gigapros to you.

5 stars
Alberico Endrizzi - Bavaria, Germany 03 Dec 2012

I like the service with provides for me. Actually I have no downtime, fast web site and fast emails which are never being lost. I’m really happy to be with such host. Even the fact they do not have phone support is okay for me.
Nice web hosting service which I can recommend for anyone.
Thanks Gigapros!

5 stars
Morris de Jeu 01 Oct 2014

I'm Morris from Germany. I have been using Gigapros since March, 2014. They have great customer support. I love the prices.
I want to be able to do reselling with them, but their plan is to high for just starting out. I will go with another host for my reseller needs, and maybe switch to them after I have several customers.
So far, I am extremely impressed with these guys. There is nothing that counts more than decent support and they go beyond the call. I really hope the rest of the support team are like this.

5 stars
Therese Louineaux - QC, Canada 07 Nov 2013

I went on the recommendation of a friend and now have 2 VPSs with Gigapros and thanks to their pricing and support, am about to add several more at one time. They did the backups and transfers until the old host finally made a good copy that was usable. Besides, they spent about a week just to get my sites all moved and running correct.
My business has grown as a direct result of the service and support they offer.
The connection/download page speed is very good!
They don't pretend to be the most stable service, but they do succeed in their goal: providing value for money with features that many developers appreciate.

5 stars
Danilo Turk - VA, United States 13 Jul 2012

Great customer service prior to buy service, great service in 'novice questions', VERY patient, I feel important here!
The excellent customer service and technical skills are the best advertisment of this people!
Gigapros has stable and fast servers. they have nice 1-click installer scripts - it is very convenient.
Also, always chat online service available.

5 stars
Sophe Chapa Guajardo - Porcia, Italy 15 Jan 2014

No doubt, Gigapros is extremely reliable and the sites go up fast and stay up. The email customer support is fantastic even when the problems are self-created. I've tried other services that looked cheaper on the outside but have always come back to these guys.
If you log on to their site you get an ad page before you get to the page you want but there is always a continue button and I can live with it for the value. Very reliable.

5 stars
Ivano Trentini - IA, United States 18 Aug 2014

After frustrating and unreliability experiences with other hosting services (including very large, well known hosts), I started a search a few years ago for a hosting provider that people were actually happy with. That's how I found Gigapros. The volume of comments from happy customers led me to call Gigapros.
I have referred 3 friends to the service so far and all say activation has been approximately between 30 - 90 minutes. Regardless of the time I open a ticket, someone responds so it seems they have somebody watching out for orders 24/7.

5 stars
Dominic Morgan - YT, Canada 19 Sep 2014

Gigapros is my lifesaver, their support is amazingly helpful and so informative, they have been helping me non stop for a over a year, what i love most about them is their quick sufficient reply that always satisfy me, the server is really fast and i never experienced any down time, the price is really helpful.
The team works round the clock and will never show frustration no matter how far you push them. I am not a technical-minded person and they have walked me through everything I've needed to make my hosting experience with them a great experience!

5 stars
Hawkins - IL, United States 17 Jan 2014

I can't believe it, I finally found a GREAT host! It is called Gigapros!
Their support is TOP, their support guy added me on Skype so he could help me better and answer my questions. Their server setup is ok, their custom servers can take up to 7 days, which is short for a technical department that makes dozens of them a day.

If you are in need of a reliable host in particular, Gigapros is the place to get one. The value for the money can't be beat.

5 stars
Ayoub Jas - FL, United States 25 Dec 2013

I looked online for reviews of Gigapros and found only positive reviews which I thought was fishy since it was too good to be true.
According to the support, they are very prompt and giving 100% perfect answers to the customer. If there are any other problem, they will connect to the client machine through logmein account and they will fix it.
Their control panels are easy to use and intuitive, as is their account and billing interface.

Very kind, easy to work with, and exceptional service and value. The perfect host!

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