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5 stars
Elde Damunsen - Oslo, Norway 11 Apr 2012
Gigapros service has been excellent and top notice thus far. We love the speed of the site, the uptime, the support when needed (few and far between), and the features (the automatic backups are wonderful especially). Overall I would rate it 9.6/10.
I have not been disappointed. Gigapros is an extremely proficient company and usually manages to answer support tickets in 10 minutes or less.
I am pleased to deal with them!
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4 stars
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5 stars
Lukas Reinhardt - CA, United States 01 Feb 2013

What can I say? Gigapros is incredibly cheap, their support is amazing. They have speedy cutomers service.
It remains the best hosting company I've ever used since my over ten years in the web industry
Their prices are the best. Uptime is really good!
One word describes all - Excellent!

5 stars
Fausto Mazzanti - LA, United States 29 Nov 2012

I'd like to say that I am glad to deal with Gigapros services and thought that it will be interesting and useful for other webmasters.
For most of my support requests, I have received a reply in five minutes or less, and they always do a good job with helping my problems. They have done everything from explaining MX records to fixing complex PHP code for me.
If you are looking for a top-notch host that will listen to the customer, go with them.

5 stars
J. Beesley - OR, United States 12 Dec 2013

Speed of this VPS is remarkable, especially when considering the base price - which is about as low as a VPS gets.
Gigapros is really good host I must say. I've had support tickets answered promptly at all hours of the night.
I actually enjoy getting their newsletter every month - they're hilarious, in a moderately-amusing way.
As long as they stick to their guns on not overselling their servers, I don't think I'll ever be looking for a new web host.
I definitely would recommend them to any friends of mine.

5 stars
Sophe Chapa Guajardo - Porcia, Italy 15 Jan 2014

No doubt, Gigapros is extremely reliable and the sites go up fast and stay up. The email customer support is fantastic even when the problems are self-created. I've tried other services that looked cheaper on the outside but have always come back to these guys.
If you log on to their site you get an ad page before you get to the page you want but there is always a continue button and I can live with it for the value. Very reliable.

5 stars
Pavel Chytil - Copenhagen, Denmark 09 Jan 2014

Like most I did the research and spent hours looking at reviews for the various hosts. Having read good reviews about gigapros services, I decided to give them a try. I contacted them directly, told my requirements and their team offered me a good fit for my needs.
It took about a half hour to an hour for my VPS to be configured and ready. The server that I was placed on was faster in just about every way than the servers I had been on in the past and I have not experienced any downtime that I was not notified about beforehand.
Given their recent upgrades and expanded offerings I see no reason I would ever go anywhere else!

5 stars
Jim M - FM, United States 13 Jun 2013

Would like to say that I was extremely satisfied using GiGapros service.
This host seems to be geared towards the professional team and they are still friendly and helpful to a novice such as myself. No hidden fees or surprises, very reliable service.
Pricing and reliability were also superb.
I couldn't be happier. Highly recommend!

5 stars
Erick S - VA, United States 20 Nov 2013

I can not express how happy I am with Gigapros services. I don't really enjoy learning about web servers and stuff, however, I have enjoyed getting everything setup, you just need to have a level of patience and explain everything in detail and everything will happen.
They do everything that the big hosting companies I have my other sites with do, only they do it much better.
Their package prices also amazed.
So the extra money has proven to be a very good investment. Gigapros has won my business.

5 stars
Michela Moretti - BD, Asia 24 Jul 2013

I switched to Gigapros after several days of research. I was with another host, but this web host topped all the features and had rave reviews by everyone.
The dedicated servers are sold with set specs as I found they had better processors in them and I had an extra 2 GBs of RAM! More performance for my sites so I didnt complain! The support guys at are simply excellent, you can see the difference in service and it matter a lot to me.

Their focus is clearly geared towards medium- to large-sized business.

5 stars
Jose Forlan - VA, United States 04 Jun 2012

I have had a website for a long time but only since I'm with Gigapros I've been 100% with my hosting company. Their support team made the transfer so smooth and my services were never greater! Moreover, real people answering real phones and having honest to goodness conversations with you about your situation. Downtime is rarely seen compare to my previous host
They are professionals and I am fully-satisfied customer.
They used to be a solid hosting company - affordable pricing, good uptime and features - but the servers have become interminably slow over the last few months, particularly for sites that use MySQL databases.
The move to Gigapros was a win-win for me. Better service and better value.
Great web hosting company, I highly recommend for just about anyone.

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