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Jean Bordaux - Malaysia, Singapore 09 Apr 2012
I've been using shared hosting for some years now but lately found my sites were getting more and more sluggish, so I started looking around for a new host.
One of my friends recommended me to choose gigapros and I decided to give them a try.
The set-up was fast - I was transferring my test sites within minutes of receiving their (five) instant welcome emails. When I had problems with the transfer, their support team were very responsive (like, in minutes!). After the initial issues (all my fault for setting things up wrong) the transfer of the rest of my sites was quick and painless.
For service and support I give Gigapros a 10/10 and I highly recommend them. It should also be noted that I started out on a custom package after talking with sales and eventually worked my way up to one of their normal plans so if you need a custom plan talk to them as they will probably be able to work with you.
I am happy using their services!
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5 stars
MCcahit Winklaar - Kent, United Kingdom 24 Jan 2013

I've been using gigapros for more than half of a year, I switched to their VPS recently.
The support people are fantastic and usually answer in under 10min any time of day. They've always been prepared to investigate further when they don't have an immediate answer.
My business has never been so stable, thanks to these guys. HIGHLY recommend.

5 stars
Basilio Romano - London, United Kingdom 23 Jan 2014

After 'playing' around with 4-5 hosts, I must say, Gigapros is the best host so far.
They have great customer support. Always willing to assist me over and over again with even the smallest request. I love the prices. As far as the up-time, it is very good. I have monitoring software for keeping up-time statistics and so far the up-time is perfect.
Their control panels are easy to use and intuitive, as is their account and billing interface. I am very satisfied with this service and will recommend it to anyone.

5 stars
Franco Siciliani - NY, United States 07 Nov 2012

These guys are really exceptional! Just look at what everyone else is saying! I have been with Gigapros for about a year and I can say that their support is outstanding, quick answers with intelligent responses.
Support - excellent - live help and I have always been happy at the end.
My sites have never been down, I like this.
To me the hosting experience with gigapros is more personal and that extra level of service is easily worth the few extra bucks. highly recommend!

5 stars
Gleb Ustiogov - Sofia, Bulgaria 13 Nov 2013

Back to my experience with Gigapros hosting for last 5 months - I would say you can rely on it. The connection/download page speed is very good.
Support replied to my ticket and had resolved the issue in minutes of submission. I had to create a subsequent ticket for an outgoing issue, which ended up being a port that needed enabled on my firewall. That issue took a little longer to find and resolve, but the Gigapros support team was knowledgeable, extremely quick to respond.
My uptime is great and I'm happy with this.
I cannot recommend this host highly enough.

5 stars
Thor Vaikonen - ME, United States 11 Jun 2012

While new to Gigapros, I feel like I have hit the ground running in setting up my website. Tutorial videos are always a good idea, but only when done effectively and well. Their videos are just that. I look forward to working with Gigapros and, while only signed up for a year of hosting, I can easily see myself renewing when the time comes.
Highly recommend this decent web host.

5 stars
Tin Marjanovic - Stockholm, Sweden 06 Aug 2013

Well, is pretty reliable from what I've seen. I only host a few small, low-traffic but database-centric sites and they have never been down.
Their support is wonderful and helpful.They're easy, friendly and they seem to really care about their clients.
Speed connection has been fast - I am glad.
All in all I am pleased to deal with them, I came to them on recommendation so I really believe in paying the good favour forward.

5 stars
Robin G - Rajasthan, India 28 Dec 2013

One 1st month experience with gigapros, I have 2 dedicate server with gigapros. best part is their price and they service... server uptime is top-notch, no issue till today...

Live chat guys are 24x7 Available, May be they don't solve any technical issue over chat but they are active and good to ask any presale questions..

I don't have any complaint with gipspros so far.. Highly Recommended.

Pros - Price, Server Up time, Support and friendly staff.

Cons - I only found that their ticket response time is bit higher..

5 stars
Erika Jiraskova - Sao Paolo, Brazil 05 Nov 2012

I have been with gigapros for almost 1 year and I'm happy client of them. My site have never been down. Even if they plan something on the server - they always me inform me about that. I would say that have the best service for such money.
I would recommend this web host.

5 stars
Klaus Strober - LA, United States 20 Apr 2012

I've been with Gigapros for over 8 months now and I've not had any problem with them.
The most impressive aspect of Gigapros is the reaction time for technical queries.
They responded to my queries in double quick time with help I could use and easily understand. I feel safe and secure with this host and would heartily recommend them.
Excellent host, easy to set up fast and through help and support service. Good range of price plans and options for the novice to the expert.

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