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Lars Rasmussen - London, United Kingdom 06 Apr 2012
Gigapros service has been excellent and top notice thus far. I love the speed of the site, the uptime, the support when needed (few and far between), and the features (the automatic backups are wonderful especially).
The customer service at Gigapros is fantastic. You can contact them about anything. It doesn't have to be a problem. Even general inquiries are happily and quickly addressed. I mean quick, too; often within minutes. Their team are so on the ball it's amazing.
The connection/download page speed is very good, I can gzip my content, no problems at all.
Anyone looking for a great host, look no further!
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5 stars
Yexalen Mireles Solorio - Copenhagen, Denmark 22 Nov 2013

I've been with Gigapros for about a year now and must say that I'll definitely continue using their hosting services.
It has the best panel I've ever seen, greatest of functionalities being the possibility of delegating sites/databases/ftps/SSH access/and-so-on to certain users, a great tool for cooperating between employees and customers.
These guys do anything to keep the sites up. Their support is outstanding when you compare them to all the other major hosting companies.
They will help you with anything be it Scripts, Billing, or the server itself.

5 stars
Jewel W. L. - LA, United States 17 Nov 2014

Well, after few months with Gigapros i can say servers are great, and very reliable.
They helped me with setup and offer responsive ongoing support.
Just tonight i experienced small downtime, and they responses for technical support was instant. They solved everything.
I would recommend Gigapros to others any day and say just be patient with billing and sales, while technical support, the one that really counts for now they showed to be more then fast - instant.

5 stars
Robin G - Rajasthan, India 28 Dec 2013

One 1st month experience with gigapros, I have 2 dedicate server with gigapros. best part is their price and they service... server uptime is top-notch, no issue till today...

Live chat guys are 24x7 Available, May be they don't solve any technical issue over chat but they are active and good to ask any presale questions..

I don't have any complaint with gipspros so far.. Highly Recommended.

Pros - Price, Server Up time, Support and friendly staff.

Cons - I only found that their ticket response time is bit higher..

5 stars
Dana Demeterova 26 May 2014

My last web-host would sometimes take days to respond to your help ticket. I feel safe and secure with this host.
Gigapros tools provided are great! Uptime is great and I am quite happy with them.
So I would have to recommend them, highly, based on my experience thus far.
I must say Gigapros have been excellent. The reliability and support have been flawless. I have not had a single issue. The control panel works very well.

5 stars
Josko Varga - Kent, United Kingdom 10 Nov 2014

Finally I've found a good home for my web sites, Gigapros is the best solution for hosting any kind of web sites.
Over the years I have upgraded servers various times and booked additional machines from time to time. Setup was very quick and support helpful. There was only one time where a new account manager refused to give me good service. I complained with the retention department and received a new account manager on the same day.
Server uptime 99.99% and support i rarely use it since i am a webmaster. Highly recommend Gigapros to anyone!

5 stars
Jan Novak 10 Sep 2014

Gigapros may cost more then other hosting providers but you are paying for their quality and the peace of mind that comes with your website remaining with the best uptime possible. If you want to sleep good at night, have your site hosted with Gigapros, believe me, you will not regret it.
CPanel is easy to use and site easy to navigate and as yet, I did not use support other than when I transferred DNS from my old host.
All in all no complaints or problems, super fast and best host!

5 stars
Alex M - RI, United States 13 Jan 2014

I've had nothing but success when working with Gigapros team of experts. The set-up was fast - I was transferring my test sites within minutes of receiving their (five) instant welcome emails. They did the backups and transfers until the old host finally made a good copy that was usable. Their professionalism is evident from the very first time you contact you have with them.
Value for what I'm receiving is excellent.
Speed connectivity is pretty fast, uptime is great and features are unqiue.
They also offer very useful free tools.
It is an extremely proficient host and usually manages to answer support tickets in 10 minutes or less.

5 stars
Connie Persaud - NJ, United States 17 Sep 2014

Really good hosting company that goes the extra mile to help their customers. Gigapros support team alway so helpful and resolves issues as soon as they are given. They are honest about any issues arising and explain why issues happen.
They're consistently innovating, adding new technology to their hosting, adding new staff with knowledge I can't even comprehend, all while staying "human". Their Twitter support guys are always there to make your day better.
Solid hosting services so far, keep it up!

5 stars
Lasse Rognli - NJ, United States 11 Mar 2013

Gigapros is an excellent trusted web hosting provider. Service will be quick and efficient. The actual Wide-spread plans incorporates a total report on characteristics that provides almost everything I want as well as plenty of place pertaining to progress. I've got applied many serves, yet none provide rock-solid procedure that gigapros will. They are beneficial, true beneficial! You don't find from any of the usual advertising and marketing glitz with gigapros.

I strongly suggest this webhost to help anybody who is looking for a superb webhost.

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