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Maria H 30 Nov 2010
No more pain

I was in a car accident back in 2004 and now have herniated discs in my cervical spine. I have severe pain all the time especially in my neck and shoulders. The day I recieved my La-Noodle was the best day of my life. I now can sleep peacefully and wake in the morning pain free. Seems like no matter how I sleep I feel so comfortableas well as, pain free, peaceful. One night when I climbed into bed to find my La-Noodle missing. It turned out my roommate stole it from me. She also has cervical spine injuries far more severe than mine. She also loved it. This is a woman who is now getting needles in her spiine for her pain, and numbness in her arms. I let her use it for a few days but wanted it back because of how great it was making me feel. Turns out her numbness and pain was back and she said she couldnt sleep. I felt bad and told her to use it for now...Little does she know I ordered her one for Christmas. Actually, I ordered quite a few of them as XMAS gifts for my other family members. This is an awesome great product and I would recommend it for anyone who has trouble sleeping at night. The way this pillow wraps around ur head and just snuggles you is so worth the purchase. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have . Thanks so much CozyPure!!!
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Manufacturers of the best organic mattresses and bedding made from natural latex, wool and organic cotton.

Quality, comfort, durability and aesthetics using beautiful textiles made from sustainable resources for products actually made to last decades. Over twently years in business speicializing in healthy sleep.

If you're looking for the best latex mattress and organic cotton bedding, then you found it here at CozyPure - Organic comfort made fresh daily in the USA.

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5 stars
Lisa L 30 Jul 2015

Highly recommended by a friend. Would like to get comforter once I pay for this order. Would have liked to purchase a mattress; however I just bought a new one last year

5 stars
Melanie Z - WI, United States 26 Jun 2015

I ordered in earl January, and we received our mattress, platform, and bedding in February 2015. It's hard to describe the absolute pleasure it has provided. After a cancer diagnosis 10 years ago, I had a mastectomy. For the first time in ten years, I can sleep comfortably on my stomach- or in any position. There is no uncomfortable position on the CozyPure mattress. My husband LOVES this mattress. The materials are of the highest quality, and the quality of our sleep has improved more than I can express. We saved up for two years to purchase this wonderful product, and we took a chance, never having actually trying or sleeping on it in prior to ordering. It has been worth every penny. If I were to win the lottery, the first thing I'd do is get a CozyPure for every member of my family.

5 stars
Jennifer - MD, United States 08 Jun 2015

I love the bundled deal--it seems to include a lot for the price! We are very happy with all of the bedding, but the mattress itself is not quite as firm as expected...also, it went on sale shortly after we purchased! Always wait for a sale!

5 stars
Chris M - CT, United States 17 Feb 2015

I purchased the mattress cover outstanding quality don't hesitate quality product. Quick ship. Will buy from Cozy Pure again.

5 stars
Meg L - NH, United States 23 Jan 2015

My husband can't believe how much warmer and more comfortable his CozyPure wool comforter is, compared with his old feather comforter. We like to sleep in a cool bedroom, with the windows open for fresh air, so being able to stay warm is a MUST in a New England winter. So happy to have discovered how much better a wool comforter is!

5 stars
Kathryn 19 Dec 2014

It's hard to contain the sigh of happiness every time I lay down on my new mattress. I find that my sleep is so much more restful, as I'm no longer tossing and turning to get comfortable. Thanks Cozypure!

5 stars
Janis - AK, United States 10 Dec 2014

I appreciate the individual customer service given when I have a question. Products are simply the best!

5 stars
Rachel B 13 Sep 2014

Thanks for making made in the USA organic sheets of such high quality!

5 stars
eric c f 02 Aug 2014

I love my set of CozyPure linens. Purchasing a second set to avoid doing the laundry & making the bed in the same day!

5 stars
patricia 31 Jul 2014

We are grateful to find bedding w/o chemicals. God bless you.
We did not understand the "process" at first, but quality seems
very good. Thank you.

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