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Maria H 30 Nov 2010
No more pain

I was in a car accident back in 2004 and now have herniated discs in my cervical spine. I have severe pain all the time especially in my neck and shoulders. The day I recieved my La-Noodle was the best day of my life. I now can sleep peacefully and wake in the morning pain free. Seems like no matter how I sleep I feel so comfortableas well as, pain free, peaceful. One night when I climbed into bed to find my La-Noodle missing. It turned out my roommate stole it from me. She also has cervical spine injuries far more severe than mine. She also loved it. This is a woman who is now getting needles in her spiine for her pain, and numbness in her arms. I let her use it for a few days but wanted it back because of how great it was making me feel. Turns out her numbness and pain was back and she said she couldnt sleep. I felt bad and told her to use it for now...Little does she know I ordered her one for Christmas. Actually, I ordered quite a few of them as XMAS gifts for my other family members. This is an awesome great product and I would recommend it for anyone who has trouble sleeping at night. The way this pillow wraps around ur head and just snuggles you is so worth the purchase. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have . Thanks so much CozyPure!!!
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Manufacturers of the best organic mattresses and bedding made from natural latex, wool and organic cotton.

Quality, comfort, durability and aesthetics using beautiful textiles made from sustainable resources for products actually made to last decades. Over twently years in business speicializing in healthy sleep.

If you're looking for the best latex mattress and cotton bedding, then you found it here at CozyPure - Organic comfort made fresh daily in the USA.

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Victoria C 31 Dec 2013

1. I cannot change or delete old shipping addresses. Please fix problem. Hans recommended that I enter new shipping address in the comments.
2. When I go back to edit, I have to enter the credit card information all over again.

5 stars
Reynaldo B 24 Apr 2014

I felt the price was a but high but the quality seems great and I love my purchase!

5 stars
brian h - CA, United States 13 Nov 2013

great customer service! I called because I had some questions about some of the products and the person I talked to was excellent!

5 stars
Victoria C - VA, United States 17 May 2012

I am very pleased with buying from CozyPure. Hans has been extremely helpful.

5 stars
Margaret O - PA, United States 18 Oct 2012

I am not only impressed with your product but it is made in the usa. The pillow was very lumpy but the blanket and sheets were wonderful

5 stars
Andrew H 07 Oct 2014

I recently received my "Pure Performance LaNoodle Latex Pillow custom-fill with zipper" and "LaNoodle Cuddle Top Latex Topper". I could not believe how filled with LaNoodles the pillow was! To say it was overstuffed would be a huge understatement! I think I ended up removing enough LaNoodles for me to make two more pillows. CozyPure does not skimp!

The cotton casing of both the pillow and topper is extremely soft and supple. The LaNoodles themselves are very squishy; en masse they are surprisingly supportive and springy, yet incredibly soft and cuddly.

Years ago I used to have a buckwheat pillow; I could feel the individual buckwheat hulls through the fabric and they'd rustle every time I made the slightest movement (like a thousand beetles moving around right next to your ear). Thus I was a bit apprehensive ordering my LaNoodle pillow and topper. Would I be able to feel the individual LaNoodles through the fabric? Would they make any sound when I rolled over? The answer to both questions is no! Both the pillow and topper are simply soft and supportive, there is definitely no "princess and the pea" effect to worry about. The LaNoodles are absolutely quiet, making not even a whisper when moved.

This LaNoodle pillow reminds me of that old buckwheat pillow, somewhat. They're both supportive, and they're both somewhat moldable (you can shape the pillow around your head and neck). Unlike the buckwheat though, the LaNoodle pillow isn't heavy and the LaNoodles aren't hard. I've seen reviews that compare laying on a buckwheat pillow to laying on sand at the beach, and I'd tend to agree. Very firm, and once you get it shaped to your body it's fairly comfortable. Laying on the LaNoodle pillow and topper, however, is like laying on a bouncy cloud. It's like the best qualities of a buckwheat pillow combined with the best qualities of a down pillow.

Of course the topper is similar to the pillow, it offers a soft springy-ness to my otherwise too-firm mattress.

I have a bad neck (actually, my entire back is in bad shape, but the neck is the most painful), this pillow provides me the support I need, yet is softer than any pillow I've ever owned and cuddly. Before my LaNoodle pillow and topper I couldn't wait to get out of bed in the morning; not because I was eager to start my day, but rather because my back would be hurting so badly. While I won't say I'm pain free (I can't expect any mattress or topper to completely alleviate my back issues), I'm not in nearly as much pain in the morning as I used to be.

I'm thrilled with my purchase, and happy that my money goes to a US-based company that handcrafts items of exceptional quality and is committed to sustainability, renewability, and natural materials.

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