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Thomas W 06 May 2012
web coupon is a little hard to get to
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The Clog Hog drain cleaner is a sewer jetter attachment for your pressure washer.

Clog Hog is an Austin, Texas-based manufacturer of pressure washer drain cleaners and accessories.

We look forward to helping you!

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5 stars
Tommy C. B - NM, United States 06 Nov 2012

Great Website...easy to navigate.
Also, my order had a missing package to operate the merchandise, yet I was promised a quick delivery to correcting the missing parts. Overall, the order to shipping was second to none!
Friends and family are witnesses to this product...I said to the "buy your own and treasure it to perfection" & it will last a lifetime!!

5 stars
Philip M 12 Apr 2014

So far, so good. I particularly like the "how to" section which explained hoe to use the product.

5 stars
George F - MD, United States 02 Aug 2012

I received the product - used it the same day and unclogged my washer drain immediately. Thanks for solving a persistent problem for us.

5 stars
Brad T - TX, United States 05 Feb 2014

Received entire order quickly which was great because sink and toilet clogged and could not get into the line with a regular sewer snake. Tried the cloghog the next day and was able to clear the grease out of the sewer and get everything back to normal. My wife was also very happy since she had many dishes to wash.

5 stars
Gregory S 18 Apr 2014

Excellent product. I struggled with a slow drain for years. I used a conventional drain snake and it was a very messy, time consuming, unproductive effort. I used the Clog Hog last week and it was great. In leass than a hour I connected the Clog Hog to my pressure washer, cleared the drain and put away everything. The drain now runs free. Thank You

5 stars
alan r - Denver co. , United States 18 Apr 2013

I used the clog hog 5 minutes after getting it on a washing machine drain. This product is fantastic! I ran in 50 ft. Back and forward several times. Could hear drain open up in clog area . Wife and I had it clear and working great on about an hour! Saved a ton of money in its first use. Easy to use.

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