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Thomas W 06 May 2012
web coupon is a little hard to get to
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The Clog Hog drain cleaner is a sewer jetter attachment for your pressure washer.

Clog Hog is an Austin, Texas-based manufacturer of pressure washer drain cleaners and accessories.

We look forward to helping you!

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5 stars
Les N - CA, United States 30 Jul 2015

Easy to follow instructions

5 stars
Chris B - OH, United States 28 Jul 2015

Everything was easy to find...straight forward explanation without a ton of details to confuse you. Product seems like it will work, but I need to try it

Ok, the Clog Hog unit/system/device arrived very quickly seemed like just a few days. Anyway, the next day I decided to try it out and see what the hype was and if it actually was as good as the claims are. Well I have to tell you the thing is amazing and I'm kicking myself in the pants for not ordering one a long time ago. I put it in 4" plastic drain line that is about 80' long that was clogged with clay, soil, gravel,leaves, and rotting debris and pulled the trigger on the pressure washer after about 10 seconds the hose started crawling into the pipe without any assistance from me and I began seeing a whole bunch of stuff start pouring out of the pipe. At about the half way point there was a clean out where the Clog Hog must have turned up that pipe because a mini geyser shot up the pipe and popped the cover off...indicting to me just how much power the unit has. It was a simple matter of letting go of the trigger on the pressure washer feeding the Cloh Hog tip into the lateral line and letting it continue on. I am absolutely stunned and amazed at just how well this thing works and I work in Facilities and see a lot of different tools. Tomorrow I'm going to try it on a drain in our kitchen that has been giving us issues for the past couple of years. Anyway, I'm writing this review for those of you that are thinking of getting one but hesitant because you're just not sure if it works the way they say it does!!! and very well. Since it is high pressure water its not going to cut through something solid that you couldnt cut with a normal pressure washer....think clogs of softer stuff...sewage, toilet paper, dirt, leaves, etc... and with this kind of stuff it chews right through it. In addition I found that putting the unit through a 3-4' peice of PVC smaller that the pipe your trying to clean helps you to control the hose as it enters a pipe while you're trying to hold the trigger on the pressure washer...just a little tidbit of info If you're trying to use it by yourself...Also buy the wind up reel....its cheap! will really help....just do'll thank me!

5 stars
John P 05 Jul 2015

I have to say I was amazed at how powerful this cloghog jetter is. I was unable to get past something in my drain tile and will eventually have to dig up a section of it to see if roots or something else has made it impassable but where I was able get to the jetter seemed to do a great job.

5 stars
Jeff W 22 May 2015

Very professional.

5 stars
KEN O - NH, United States 01 May 2015

The Clog Hog worked as advertised. I used it on our leech field, 50 footer.

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