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mike 01 Aug 2011
I had a lot of questions about A2, so I chatted for about 15 minutes online with Gerald. He was incredibly knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions and ultimately helped me to decide on this service.
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5 stars
Josh P - MI, United States 01 Nov 2013

Picking out the server was super simple and I was able to get the server that worked best for me. For only a few dollars more I was able to get SSD hosting and I can truly see the difference in my hosting speed.

The ability to NOT get a control panel is a major plus for me. I am a web developer so I have a lot of experience dealing with servers and a lot of other hosts insist on putting some kind of control panel on to make it more convenient. These just get in my way. I was able to get in and configure my server the way I wanted it quickly and easily.

Based on the hosting companies I have dealt with in the past, A2 is my favorite by far. I could not be happier with their service.

5 stars
Kimosogi - FL, United States 01 Nov 2013

Great hosting service! I migrated from HostGator and tested half a dozen hosting companies before I settled with A2hosting. Been with A2 for a month now and they've only gone down once for about 10 minutes which is acceptable in my opinion. I say this because I've tested the other hosting companies and they also go down, even the big names. However a good way to remedy this problem is by using CloudFlare which is why I recommend A2 because they are one of the companies that are listed with Cloudflare's optimized hosting partners. Cloudflare will keep your site up with a cached copy if your server ever goes down.

5 stars
Vasilii - Freiberg, Germany 01 Nov 2013

I can recomend as perfect web-hosting provider.
All software are always updated.
Technical support is fast, professional and friendly to all customers (clever and not).
Moreover, here I have found unlimit freedom of hosting service.
Thank you for your high quality service.

5 stars
Jeff N - NJ, United States 01 Nov 2013

I have worked with a lot of different hosting companies and A2 offers the best support people I have come across. They are friendly, knowledgable, and well-spoken. They are always trying to help you solve your problem. It never feels like they are reading from a script nor does it seem that they are looking for a reason to push responsibility back on you.

The servers themselves work just fine. Pricing is competitive. But it is the support people that keep me coming back to A2 for all of my hosting needs. I couldn't be happier.

5 stars
Anoosh R - CA, United States 02 Nov 2013

I have used their service for a few clients of mine (i'm a web developer). We are fascinated by the high uptime (so far, 100%) and their quick replies to tickets. Their support is very professional, and when you're developing on Linux platforms it is VERY essential that you can communicate professionally with the technical devision, and this is the case with A2hosting.

5 stars
Alberto M 01 Nov 2013

I was using Site5, and I decided to try something new: SSD hosting. Paying almost the same price, I got a FANTASTIC product: stable, really really fast, and the same kind of kind, expert, and 24/7 fast customer service.

Coming from Site5, the real difference is in the server performance: with A2 it's much faster, and I don't have the extreme control about what-I-can't-do: for example, with Site5 I could install OwnCloud. But here I can. The PHP options are more customizable and let my sites perform better.

I hope they keep doing it so good, as my plan is to stay here for a long time!

5 stars
Jennifer - DE, United States 04 Nov 2014

Most hosting companies will leave you on hold for hours or worse, just never answer their phone if you need help. A2hosting has a great help desk/customer service team who are there when you need them!

5 stars
dorsaydesign - MI, United States 01 Nov 2013

I've been a steady customer of A2 since ****, and I never once considered changing hosting providers. They have consistently provided excellent customer service, speedy recovery from issues, and their billing practices are extremely above board. The scheduled outages are very infrequent, however, they notify you well in advance and ensure that they perform the update or whatever in a timely fashion that does not interfere with the services.

5 stars
Rodney M - TX, United States 01 Nov 2013

I recommend highly. Best services, prices, and customer service I have ever seen.

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