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Jean Bordaux - Malaysia, Singapore 09 Apr 2012
I've been using shared hosting for some years now but lately found my sites were getting more and more sluggish, so I started looking around for a new host.
One of my friends recommended me to choose gigapros and I decided to give them a try.
The set-up was fast - I was transferring my test sites within minutes of receiving their (five) instant welcome emails. When I had problems with the transfer, their support team were very responsive (like, in minutes!). After the initial issues (all my fault for setting things up wrong) the transfer of the rest of my sites was quick and painless.
For service and support I give Gigapros a 10/10 and I highly recommend them. It should also be noted that I started out on a custom package after talking with sales and eventually worked my way up to one of their normal plans so if you need a custom plan talk to them as they will probably be able to work with you.
I am happy using their services!
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5 stars
Sarah Kharitonova - Queensland, Australia 27 Dec 2013

It happened so that I signed up for Gigapros in May **** and it's been an excellent experience. I enjoy the up close and personal approach of the administrators and the support is always fast and accurate. My uptime has been fabulous and I love how much space I have for a relatively low price.
They deliver a genuine focus on problem-solving.
I've tested 100 connections at once with the wordpress website. They paused in 2 minutes, and then they operated normally as if nothing had happened.
Performance is great, up-time too, and the service is phenomenal!

5 stars
Dionisio Lorenzo 05 Jun 2014

I've been with for over 8 months, and I am very happy to report that I have had absolutely no problems with them or their service, whatsoever. The customer support and knowledgebase is outstanding. They respond quickly with all questions answered.
They offer really nice features within their hosting plans, their tools and scripts are very useful.
Their pricing is also extremely fair, especially when considering their reliability, service and support.
I definitely would recommend them to any webmasters or newbies looking for reliable host.

5 stars
Vladimir Alexa 23 Sep 2014

Great support. Never had to wait more than 90 minutes for help. Gigapros uptime is great.
I feel their prices are a little on the high side compared to what bandwidth you get. However their support is really worth it for me. they help with things like Htacess files, and almost any web admin question you have. Its really worth the extra money just for that.
Easy access to my data and mail, and the fastest, most reliable customer service in the industry.

5 stars
Cammile Courtois - QC, Canada 23 Dec 2013

Gigapros is a very good hosting company so far. They have excellent support, and prices are good. There is always a very intelligent person on the other end of live chat who takes care of your needs immediately. Sites are always up and run as fast.
Easy to set up, paypal payments means that from the US my payments are easily done, and any isues we've come up with have been solved through the online support chat by people who are always helpful and polite.
Well done guys. Other hosting companies could learn a bit from you guys on pricing, technology and excellent customer service.

5 stars
Robert T - Stockholm, Sweden 08 Jan 2014

Love these guys. I've been with Gigapros for more than 8 months and have loved their hosting and service.
They are great - I had some initial troubles setting up/transferring from my old host but customer support was very helpful. They have a live chat feature that's very useful for real time problem solving.
The only thing I would change is to make the interface more user friendly when editing my Web sites.
And for what you get, the prices are fantastic.
Lots of features!

5 stars
Christien Bouchard - Nottingham, United Kingdom 18 Sep 2014

I've been using Gigapros for one website or another for about 9 months. They are the tiniest bit more expensive than the discount web hosts out there, but they more than make up for difference with reliability, flexibility, and above all else, customer service. I think the average response time to my questions is 30 minutes.
Their servers are also faster than one would expect for shared hosting, much faster than some other hosts I've used.
I have never been aware of any downtime.

5 stars
Mariush N - Gdansk, Poland 28 Oct 2013

Over 1 year with Gigapros. I went on the recommendation of a friend and now have 2 VPSs with them and thanks to their pricing and support, am about to add several more at one time.
I like their application environment options (php and cgi versions) so forward and backward compatibility.
Easy upgrades to VPS option from shared hosting (just a checkbox).
These guys do anything to keep the sites up. Their support is outstanding when you compare them to all the other major hosting companies.
Given their recent upgrades and expanded offerings I see no reason I would ever go anywhere else given that they now have an upgrade path for those that outgrow a VPS and need a dedicated server.

5 stars
Michal Janousek - Siauliai, Lithuania 27 Dec 2012

The guys at Gigapros know their stuff, and more than that they're very good at explaining anything to newbies.
Ridiculously fast customer support. Any time you need help they are there for you.
The pricing is very reasonable.
I can’t say enough good about these guys. It just isn’t possible. I just totally love them!

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