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VANNOY F 29 Mar 2012
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5 stars
Linda - OR, United States 17 Dec 2011

This "game" is wonderful ! Love the information and the art. I'm a herbal grama even the teenagers will love it . Thank you so much for all the thought and work you put into this.

5 stars
Tiffany - NY, United States 19 Jan 2011

We ordered the Wildcraft game and it's a big hit with both houses (I got one for a friend too)! My kids keep asking if we can play it over and over. I really like the art of the game and the clarity of the herb cards. Unfortunately my kids tend to "horde" the stinging nettle because it heals everything...ahahaha
It's a fantastic learning tool and a great way to spend family time. Thank you!

5 stars
Sherri J - TX, United States 25 Jan 2013

I really enjoyed my transaction. It was seamless. I love playing the Wildcraft! game with my family and I feel it was worth every penny! Thank you Learning Herbs!

5 stars
April R - CO, United States 10 May 2013

I love all the information and learning about herbs and making tonics, infusions and salves! Thank you Learning Herbs!

5 stars
Jennice F - FL, United States 20 Jun 2012

AWESOME!!! Keep up the great work!!! :) Jay

5 stars
April M - DE, United States 15 Dec 2010

Wonderful product. The kids and I play for hours and they are learning too, cant beat that. Thank you so much!!!!!

5 stars
Eleanor G - CA, United States 29 May 2012

We love our new kit!

5 stars
Carole - SD, United States 23 Jun 2011

The question "Did you contact" is confusing: Do you mean did I contact them to order the products? Do you mean did I contact them after I ordered? Do you mean did I contact them after I received my order? I didn't know what to answer so I put 'no'. Of course I contacted them to place the order, and I did not contact them after that.

Anyway, this company is a joy to work with - I love their literature, much available for free, and I love the high quality of their products. We homeschool and our kids are learning A LOT from this website. Thanks LearningHerbs People!!

5 stars
Carlee F - SK, Canada 01 Dec 2012

Smooth, simple, quick and easy :)

5 stars
Gail Diane S - UT, United States 28 Jul 2010

Awsome, The instructer guy is cute too.

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