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Julia T 12 Mar 2012
The amount of information that is available on your web site for the novice is terrific. I felt that I could make an intelligent buying decision after reading and watching the videos.
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Welcome to RadiantGUARD.  Our mission is to help the consumer weed through the misinformation on the Internet in the radiant barrier industry and provide our customers with the absolute best product available.  With integrity and a committment to customer satisfacation, we hope to provide you solid information to help you choose the best reflective product for your application.

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fuzelogic - MD, United States 07 Mar 2012

I've installed radiant guard in my parents attic (late ****s home) a couple years ago along with some solar attic fans. In May ****, there was a bad thunderstorm that knocked out the power at their home.

With no power, at the end of May with about 78 degree temps outside, the house was still very comfortable inside! The digital thermostat ( battery ) displayed around 71-72. This was approximately 11:45am. At a neighbors home, their house was almost the same temperature inside as what it was outside. Even they were impressed when they entered the house and could feel the difference in the homes.

The best way I can describe radiant guard, is that it will help the home in the summer retain the cool temperatures of night longer into the day, making your house more comfortable and reducing demand on your HVAC system. The air feels inside the home feels more crispy and not a balmy cold on your skin.

During the winter months, their heating system always used to run, with the additional insulation and radiant guard, the heating system might come on 2-3 times during the whole day compared to every 45 minutes before adding the radiant barrier and insulation. The house feels more comfortable and the thermostat is set to 70 - 72 degrees.

I just installed radiant barrier this past winter **** underneath a apartment approximately 800-900 sq feet in a walkable crawl space. I noticed when checking the thermostat, after turning back the heat during the night to 65, that the next day, the thermostat would read 63 degrees. Also, it feels like the tile floor in the kitchen is not as cold on the feet as before the installation of the radiant guard bubble wrap.

It seems like the heat does not run as often as before the installation of the radiant guard. This has not been the best winter to rate the performance, but I didn't want to wait all year with high energy bills before installing it. I was able to install the radiant bubble wrap myself with a stapler and utility knife and the installation took about 4-5 hours to complete.

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Ron B - TX, United States 21 May 2012

I searched many different websites for radiant barrier. By comparison, I found your site to be professional; your products, descriptions and service to be the most user friendly, easy to understand and navigate, and your prices to be great.

5 stars
Norm - FL, United States 07 Mar 2012

The product was purchased to enclose & insulate outdoor well and tank facilities against winter cold. It worked very well and at temps down as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit nothing was freezing. It contained ground warmth and worked perfectly. Seams were taped with vinyl tape and thus sealed the warm air inside and blocked the old air out. A great product.

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Richard P - TN, United States 13 Sep 2012

Very good experience. I bought a similar product 5 years ago from another company, but I saw your Labor Day sale price and bought from you.

5 stars
Hannah D 22 Aug 2014

It was very quick and easy. The products were detailed and listed what I would need to buy and what each product is used for.

5 stars
Galekw 16 May 2014

I applied this product a year ago. The product was easy to apply, easy to order, came immediately and in good shape, and is up in my attic reducing the heat!

5 stars
John G - VT, United States 12 May 2012

easy, pleasant, good information to make a good buying decision.

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