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Julia T 12 Mar 2012
The amount of information that is available on your web site for the novice is terrific. I felt that I could make an intelligent buying decision after reading and watching the videos.
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Welcome to RadiantGUARD.  Our mission is to help the consumer weed through the misinformation on the Internet in the radiant barrier industry and provide our customers with the absolute best product available.  With integrity and a committment to customer satisfacation, we hope to provide you solid information to help you choose the best reflective product for your application.

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5 stars
David B 15 Nov 2014

great product! great price!! great shipping time!!!

5 stars
Robert 24 May 2014

Product was accuratly described and arrived on time and in excelent condition. I reccomend that anyone looking to reduce the tempratures in an attic to invest in your solarguard product. To make instaliation easier,measure the run lengths first and cut them outside then place and install the precut pieces were you desire them.A standard staple gun or wacker tacker is all that is needed with 3/16 inch(no more)staples. I also reccomend starting the install verry early in the morning to avoid as much heat as possible.

5 stars
Anonymous Customer 30 Dec 2013

Good product

5 stars
Glenn - LA, United States 10 Dec 2013

Easy to understand

5 stars
Michael - CO, United States 19 Oct 2013

Salesman assured he would phone be back in time to ship order Friday. Humbug! His failure to do so set my project back two days. However, was pleasantly surprised when RG refunded shipping charges as an act of contrition. Very nice of them.

5 stars
woodworker - CA, United States 18 Sep 2013

The product keeps the garage (workshop) incredibly cooler form the afternoon sun

5 stars
Sam S - UT, United States 28 May 2013

Easy and fast, ordered in 5 minutes!

I received the items promptly the following week. The product exceeded my expectations and was very easy to install.

5 stars
ted r - CA, United States 21 May 2013

I installed it in 1 house and 2 garages, over R13 insulation, under the roof. This provides excellent reduction in attic/garage heating, by reducing heat flow. At first I did not think that Radiant Guard would be a big help in reducing heat flow from the roof to the floor. But, because hot air rises, and does not readily fall, the radiant contribution to heat flow downward is quite significant. I know it works because the IR thermometer registers the cool temperature of the floor below (by reflection), while the Radiant Guard itself actually increases the temperature below the insulation, further reducing heat flow through the roof.

I did have some issues with product uniformity in one roll.


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