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Julia T 12 Mar 2012
The amount of information that is available on your web site for the novice is terrific. I felt that I could make an intelligent buying decision after reading and watching the videos.
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Welcome to RadiantGUARD.  Our mission is to help the consumer weed through the misinformation on the Internet in the radiant barrier industry and provide our customers with the absolute best product available.  With integrity and a committment to customer satisfacation, we hope to provide you solid information to help you choose the best reflective product for your application.

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5 stars
T. S - CA, United States 08 Feb 2014

Great information - about the products, theory, and install. Disappointed that none of the coupon codes I tried worked. Good prices. Great that it is made in USA. Happy they offer Paypal. Thanks!

5 stars
ted r - CA, United States 21 May 2013

I installed it in 1 house and 2 garages, over R13 insulation, under the roof. This provides excellent reduction in attic/garage heating, by reducing heat flow. At first I did not think that Radiant Guard would be a big help in reducing heat flow from the roof to the floor. But, because hot air rises, and does not readily fall, the radiant contribution to heat flow downward is quite significant. I know it works because the IR thermometer registers the cool temperature of the floor below (by reflection), while the Radiant Guard itself actually increases the temperature below the insulation, further reducing heat flow through the roof.

I did have some issues with product uniformity in one roll.


5 stars
Bill B - MO, United States 08 Jul 2013

Great outfit

5 stars
Rodney F - FL, United States 01 Jan 2014

5 stars
Process E - CA, United States 10 Jan 2014

I have townhouse (Laguna Hills) that was built in **** with flat roof construction; no attic with little insulation provided (original R19 insulation rating). I had to remove the ceiling drywall to install the radiant barrier. The decreased radiant heat transfer into the living space is immediately noticeable once installed. Once thermal equilibrium is reached it is warm but not unbearable, again only with the radiant barrier installed. Same for colder conditions. Keep in mind I have been in my place for 5 summers so I have past weather conditions to compare to. Coupled with insulation, I installed more than originally provided (about R45 now) a bit over specified for this region, but I am glad I did because summer **** seemed a bit hotter and longer. My older townhouse is much more comfortable in summer and winter. The air conditioning cycles significantly less. Worth it if you are concerned with your familiy's comfort and definitely saw the difference with only radiant barrier applied. Buy this stuff because it works and it does not tear easy. Process Engineer

5 stars
Michael B - CA, United States 08 Oct 2013

Love the product. Great way to finish off an exposed industrial ceiling. Makes it clean and sharp (white side down). Easy to install and a great insulator. I was completely satisfied.

5 stars
carol c - MD, United States 20 Mar 2012

We could not have aforded it if it was not for your free shipping. Thanks. We are saving to buy another roll.

5 stars
Ben - AR, United States 14 Feb 2012

Product has proved very efficient for energy saving.
Saved thousands of dollars over a quote from an energy saving company with a very similar, almost identical, product by buying direct from this supplier when I put on my new roof.

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