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J. C 08 Mar 2012
I was a contractor before I retired and become disabled, but if I were still active, I'd shop here. Thank You!
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Welcome to RadiantGUARD.  Our mission is to help the consumer weed through the misinformation on the Internet in the radiant barrier industry and provide our customers with the absolute best product available.  With integrity and a committment to customer satisfacation, we hope to provide you solid information to help you choose the best reflective product for your application.

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5 stars
Clean Air Heating & Air C - TX, United States 15 Oct 2013

We use RadiantGuard radiant barrier for our installations. The quality of the product is superior to other brands we tried. The price is competitive. There have been no issues with delivery or support. USA made.

5 stars
Arthur C - NH, United States 16 Feb 2014

Very good.

5 stars
TITUS - AR, United States 24 May 2012

I purchased this product to install in my attic to help keep my house cooler in the summer. I installed it about a week ago so it is a little early to say how effective it will be. As far as the purchase experience, it all went fine. I really liked how fast the product arrived. Only 2 days from the time I ordered till it arrived. Thank you

5 stars
Reese F - TN, United States 01 Nov 2013

This will be short and to the point. The heat barrier has done an effective job of reducing the heat load on the air-conditioning at my home. It provided a very noticeable difference in balancing the temperature difference between the upstairs and downstairs rooms.

The over all shopping experience was good and I was pleased in every regard. In fact I just e-mailed a Ham radio friend with a recommendation to view your web site and consider using your product on his roof. LATER.

5 stars
Ashley H - WA, United States 14 Jul 2012

This product is wonderful. We installed it in our 1st home due to my dad recommending it. I live in an area where it is both very hot and very cold. We noticed a huge difference. In the summer our home was cooler and I didn't have to run the a/c much saving big bucks. But it was the winter we both saw and felt the difference. The snow stayed on our roof much longer then our neighbors meaning less heat was going out. The house felt warmer even though we never turned the heat up higher then before. It was the 1st item we bought for our new home, we know it works!

5 stars
Lloyd G - MO, United States 27 Aug 2012

good product fair price quick shipping

5 stars
Kay P - MI, United States 25 May 2012

Shipped very fast

5 stars
J. E. W - VA, United States 14 Feb 2014

I found the sales person on the phone to be nice and informative. I had order the product similar to yours before and it suits my needs greatly and would recommend the product to anyone wanting to save money on heating and cooling bills. The product will pay for itself in about 3 months in the cost of cooling the house will drop drastically if installed in the attic of the house.

5 stars
Stephen L - NY, United States 01 Feb 2012

Installed in a loft with 14' peak. Used air baffle under roof deck, then fiberglass insulation with vapor barrier, then radiant guard (breathable), then firing strips and finally sheet rock. As soon as the radiant guard was installed we noticed an immediate advantage in heat reflection. Really happy with it so far.........

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