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shirley j 05 Mar 2012
I have been a member previously and enjoyed the site very much.
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Piano Street is a website promoting classical piano music. It started out in 2001 as "Piano Forum", a discussion board for pianists, teachers and piano students, but has now expanded to include piano sheet music, recordings, news, articles and information about piano pieces and famous piano composers such as Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin. With over 7000 daily visitors it has established itself as one of the leading websites about piano music and piano playing.

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5 stars
maestrodon 25 May 2010

Very good source for sheet music and recordings

5 stars
Marc A - IA, United States 06 Oct 2011

Great deal - not sure how long I'll stay a member, but it's worth checking out again.

5 stars
Cheryl O 02 May 2014

Pianostreet is an excellent source for music, composer biographies, insights to how pieces can be played and perfected... the list goes on and on. It is such a valuable tool for all teachers in the music field. Well done Pianostreet!!

5 stars
John H - Tas, Australia 22 Jun 2012

After updating my subscription I still couldn't download the piece I wanted. I had to log out of Pianostreet and then log back in for my subscription to be updated.
John Haeny

5 stars
GrumpyGrandpa - Scotland, United Kingdom 19 Aug 2010

Just what I wanted!

5 stars
Hans J - Akershus, Other 21 Nov 2011 is exactly what all dedicated classical piano players need, amateurs or professionals!

There is a little recommendable book, which I came across in ****, written by Knut Wiggen, published in **** in Sweden under the title "Att spela piano", ("How to play the piano", with the subtitle: "A modern intoduction to piano technique"). As a young amateur I learned a lot from this little book (about *** pages), and if it is still available and translated to English, other piano lovers could find it interesting too. Wiggens views are fresh and stimulating. Thanks for the possibility to say this.

5 stars
Tanya C - MI, United States 17 Nov 2011

Please add Gustav Merkel to your selections. Great to get music so easily.

5 stars
arthur k - Tuscany, Other 04 Oct 2010

I had the devil of a time arranging the paypal, which was in Danish, also it didn't accept valid info- I am already in pay pal. Finaaally it did.

5 stars
gmalego 21 Mar 2010

Pianostreet has marvellous collection of top quality classical music sheets. I had lost my entire sheet music collection, and have found 95 pct of my collection back at pianostreet, so thank you very much pianostreet !!!

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